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Gasket for PML NAG1, 722.6 Transmission Pans
Part Number GASKET-NAG1

PML gasket for 722.6, NAG1 transmission pans
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PML designed this gasket for our 722.6, NAG1 family of transmission pans.

Made of cork and rubber, this gasket makes a secure seal when used with a PML pan. PML offers this gasket as an alternative to RTV.

PML transmission pans feature thick, machined gasket flanges for a strong, leak-free seal. Because the stock pan uses a formed gasket with retaining clips, the stock factory gasket will not work with the PML pan. Also, this gasket will not work with the factory stock pan.

Read about PML Transmission Pan Design to learn why we offer a gasket.

PML 722.6, NAG1 Transmission Pans

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