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Dana 44/226 44A SRT8, 10 Bolt, Rear Differential Cover

Part Number 11045

PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, as-cast
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PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, Black Powder Coated
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As-cast finish
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Black powder coating
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Volume: 0.7 quarts over stock

Dimensions: Click to view a jpg file in a separate window.

This PML rear axle cover features a drain hole with magnetic drain plug, an unmachined boss for a temperature sensor, and a level check/oil fill hole. Extra capacity, fins, and aluminum construction dissipate heat for cooler fluid temperatures.

This differential cover fits the Dana 44/226 differential also called the 44A or Dana 44 SRT8 or Dana Super 44. This differential is found on the rear of some WK, WJ and XK Jeeps. This cover usually fits:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2006 to 2010
  • Jeep Commander 2006 (and probably 2007 to 2010) with the Dana 44/226 differential (usually the 2WD models, Commander Limited and Overland models have an option of the 44/226 differential)
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 4.7 with aluminum housing, 1999 to 2004, can use this cover when a spacer is added to the sway bar or if the Jeep is lifted — without additional space this cover hits the sway bar on 1999 to 2004 models
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ, 1996 to 1998, may have the Dana 44/226 rear axle and be able to use this cover, especially ZJs with the 5.9 or 5.2 V8. ZJs also used other Dana 44 and the Dana 35.

Check your differential for size, shape, number of bolts and clearance before ordering. Jeep used variety of Dana differentials. Click to view a dimensions in a separate window and keep in mind that there is a restocking fee of 20% for returns.

This rear end cover may fit other SRT8 vehicles or other Jeeps.

We do not make a front cover to match the rear SRT8 cover because the stock cover connects to the suspension.

Bolt Hole Pattern

Dana 44A bolt holes, 1996 Grand Cherokee
Click on image to view larger.

This image shows the bolt pattern from the stock rear cover of a 1996 Grand Cherokee compared to this PML differential cover. Note that the bolt patterns match.

This image also includes the distances between the bolt holes so you can use this to check if the bolt pattern on your stock cover matches.

Many thanks to our customer Chris who created this drawing.

PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock

PML Differential Cover Part Number 11045 height compared to stock  PML Differential Cover Part Number 11045, compared to stock
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These images show this PML differential cover compared to the stock cover.


PML developed this differential cover in response to many phone and email requests. We knew there was a problem when we got a call from an owner that the paint was peeling off the stock cover because the fluid temperatures were so high.

Thank you to the many Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 owners who provided images, measurements, and suggestions during the design and development of the cover.

Some installations temporarily take the sway bar off, like surfrman's (below), other people lift their vehicles so no weight rests on the tires and install with the sway bar in place. Installer should verify installation and fitment based on the individual vehicle.

These folks have emailed us pictures of their installation of the cover on their vehicles:

PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, as-cast, installed

2009 Grand Cherokee SRT8

Image of cover installed on a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 at left.

Picture courtesy of Thomas Breen. Mr. Breen can be reached via email at: with questions about his install of this diff cover. You can also contact PML with any questions, 800-335-4345 or

Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window. Our thanks to Mr. Breen for his assistance with this cover.

2008 Grand Cherokee SRT8

Road trip time... This 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 drove from Pennsylvania to get a new PML differential cover.

PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, as-cast, installed on a 2008 Grand Cherokee   2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 getting a new PML Differential Cover installed
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2008 Grand Cherokee SRT8, European Version

Parlez vous francais? This cover was installed on a European version of the Grand Cherokee SRT8 6.1L Jeep.

Differential gears on a European 2008 SRT8 Grand Cherokee Gears   Stock rear differential cover from a European 2008 Grand Cherokee SRT8 and PML cover Stock Cover and PML Cover   PML Dana 44A Cover installed on a 2008 Grand Cherokee SRT8, European Version PML differential cover installed on a 2008 SRT8 Jeep, European Version
Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, polished, installed

2006 Commander

Image of this PML Dana 44A cover that has been polished, installed on a 2006 Jeep Commander. Picture courtesy of surfrman.

Check out surfrman's great installation "how to" on the forum.

Click on image to view larger.

2000 Grand Cherokee WJ

Generally, this PML differential cover will not fit 1999 to 2004 Grand Cherokees because there is not enough clearance between the sway bar and the rear axle cover. PML customers have worked around this with a lift kit or added spacers.

Phil has a 2000 Grand Cherokee WJ with a Dana 44 Super. He added spacers to his Addco aftermarket sway bar and called to report that this PML cover fit beautifully. Here is what Phil did:

  • Confirmed which differential he had by calling his dealer with his VIN before ordering the PML cover
  • Checked the clearance between the PML cover and the sway bar
  • Bought a 3/4 inch 6061 aluminum bar on Ebay (washers do not make good spacers, see note below pictures)
  • Cut the bar to make his spacers for the sway bar
  • 3/4 inch raised the Addco sway bar to avoid contact with the larger PML cover and 1/2 inch probably would be fine with stock sway bars
  • Used case hardened 2 inch bolts with spacers in place of 1 inch bolts
  • Addco sway bar with spacers clears larger PML cover
  • The gas tank did not have any clearance issues
  • Other than the spacers, the cover installation was straight forward, without any other modifications

PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, installed on a 2000 Grand Cherokee WJ    PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, 2000 Grand Cherokee WJ, left sway bar spacer    PML Dana 44/226 Differential Cover, 2000 Grand Cherokee WJ, right sway bar spacer

Our thanks to Phil for his feedback and pictures.

Note from Phil about the spacer: Washers do not make good spacers. Washers will give the clamp the expected rise but do not secure the bushing to the base so it will move around inside the clamp and over time most likely cause the bolts to snap but a solid plate spacer supports both the clamp as well as the bushing. Also if you measure and drill your holes exactly, which in his case was 2 3/4 inches center to center, and only drill them big enough for your bolts to comfortably fit thru, the spacer itself will provide added lateral strength to your installation.

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ

Ramon installed this PML Super Dana 44 cover on the rear and PML Dana 30 on the front of his 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9L. His ZJ is lifted and had extra clearance, which allowed for the install of the rear cover.

First image shows the ZJ, second image shows Dana 30 front, and last image shows Dana 44 Super rear.
1998 Grand Cherokee 1998 Grand Cherokee ZJ   PML cover clears track bar on 1998 Grand Cherokee PML front cover clears track bar on 1998 Grand Cherokee ZJ   PML rear cover on 1998 ZJ 1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee with PML rear differential cover installed
Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

For a larger picture, please click one of the above images. A separate window will open showing a bigger picture. (The larger pictures take a minute to display.)

PML Differential Cover Features:

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to differential housing
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal using RTV or factory reusable gasket
  • Oil changes without removing the cover
  • All hardware provided, including magnetic drain plug

Learn more about finishes and construction of PML parts.