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Hummer Accessories

For Hummer® vehicles, PML offers sand cast aluminum transmission pans, differential covers, and switch bezel covers.

PML H1 Hummer Switch Covers (Bezels)

PML makes sand-cast aluminum switch covers to replace the plastic (easily broken) window and door lock switch covers installed in H1 Hummers. PML Hummer switch covers feature:

  • Strong aluminum construction (no more broken plastic switch bezels)
  • Thick and durable
  • Finish is semi-polished ("tumbled") aluminum or black powder-coating
  • Easy installation

Hummer two hole bezel switch cover Hummer bezel switch covers

Picture on left shows cover with semi-polished aluminum finish installed in Hummer. Picture on right shows one and two switch openings and covers in tumbled aluminum and black powder-coating.

Call or see Accessories to order.

PML Hummer Transmission Pans

PML transmission pans feature:

  • Increased oil capacity for reduced oil temperature
  • Stiff aluminum design adds strength
  • Thick machined .350"gasket flange prevents leaks
  • Thick wall construction of .160" (stock walls are only .035" stamped steel)
  • Magnetic drain plug allows oil changes without removing the pan
  • Boss for drilling and tapping for a temperature sensor
  • Available in as-cast, black powder coating or high gloss polish finishes

Transmission Pan for the H1

For 1991 and 1992 H1 Hummers: the most common automatic transmission is the GM TH 400. PML part number 9683 is for our Turbo 400 deep pan. We do not know of any customers who have installed this pan so please check carefully for clearance.

For 1993 to 1996 H1 Hummers: PML 4L80E pan part number 9313 has been installled on several H1 Hummers. The drain is located on the driver's side. Check the clearance from the frame to the pan and the location of the drain in relation to the frame and exhaust.

For 1997 to 2005 H1 Hummers: PML makes a 4L80E late model, deep pan , part number 9437. It has 3.25 quarts of extra capacity. Installing this pan on your H1 may require that you modify your shift cable bracket. You may also need to loosen the transmission mounts and jack up the transmission to remove the stock pan and install the PML pan. One customer with 2004 H1 6.5 reported that he was unable to installed the PML pan because his exhaust was too close to the stock pan.

Please read these instruction tips: PML Part Number 9437 on a Hummer H1 Installation.

For 2006 and 2007 H1 Hummers: PML makes an Allison 1000 deep transmission pan, part number 9517. We have not had anyone install this pan on an H1 with the Allison and have heard there is not much space for a larger pan, so please check for fit and clearance before ordering.

Hummer Turbo 400 Transmission Pan Hummer 4L80E Low Profile Transmission Pan Hummer 4L80E Deep Transmission Pan

PML transmission pans for H1 Hummer are shown in various finishes. Order on-line or call us at 310-671-4345 to order over the phone.

Transmission Pan for the H2

For 2003 to 2007 H2 Hummers, PML makes a 4L60E late model, deep transmission pan, PML part number 9427. It has 2.0 quarts of extra capacity. It is shown in black powder-coating on the left and the as-cast finish on the right (polished finish also available).

Click here for on-line info or call (310) 671-4345.

PML Hummer H2 transmission pan, black powder coat PML Hummer H2 transmission pan, cast finish

For 2008 and 2009 H2 Hummers, PML has a transmission pan for the 6L80E. This deep pan is 2 quarts over stock capacity. It is shown here in black powder coat finish. Also available in natural as-cast and polish finishes. The PML part number is 11025.

PML 2008, 2009 Hummer H2 transmission pan

Transmission Pan for the H3

On the H3, the exhaust and frame interfere so the larger PML pan will not fit without modifications to the stock exhaust/frame. Please see our 4L60E late model, deep pan for pictures, dimensions and pricing.

PML Hummer Differential Covers

PML makes differential covers for H2 and H3 Hummers. They feature:

  • Increased oil capacity of .5 quarts over stock for reduced oil temperature
  • Stiff aluminum construction adds strength
  • Thick machined .350"gasket flange prevents leaks
  • Thick wall construction of .160" (stock walls are only .035" stamped steel)
  • Magnetic drain plug for easy oil changes
  • Fill/check hole
  • Additional boss can be drilled and threaded for sensors
  • Available in as-cast (below, left), black powder coating (below, right) or high gloss polish (not shown)
PML differential cover for Hummer H1

Differential Cover for the H1

PML design a differential cover just for the Hummer H1. It is PML part number 11155. The same cover fits both the front and rear.

Differential Cover for the H2

For the H2, pictured here (just below) is PML part number 10303-2, for GM 9.5" ring gear rear end with 14 bolts. Click for more information, pricing and ordering.

PML Differential Cover for H2 Hummer, cast finishPML Differential Cover for H2 Hummer, black powder coatedPML Differential Cover for H2 Hummer, polished

Differential Cover for the H3

And for the H3, the differential cover is PML part number 10815. This is a 10 bolt rear end cover for GM 8.5 & 8.625 inch rear gear differentials. Click for more information, pricing, and ordering.

PML Differential Cover for H3 Hummer, cast finishPML Differential Cover for H3 Hummer, black powder coatedPML Differential Cover for H3 Hummer, polsihed