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PML 4L80E Transmission Pan

Installation Instructions for Hummers

To install the PML transmission pan, the transmission shift linkage bracket must be modified in two ways:

  1. The edge of the mounting flange part of the bracket closest to the outside wall of the transmission pan must be trimmed approximately 3/16" to gain clearance between the edge of the bracket and the outer wall of the pan. This is required because the wall thickness of the cast aluminum pan is greater than stock and reduces the distance from the side wall of the pan to the mounting holes for the linkage bracket.
  2. The spacers tack welded to the mounting flange of the linkage bracket must be removed. These spacers move the bracket away from the transmission pan. The added thickness (.300? or more) of the gasket flange of the cast aluminum pan takes the place of these spacers.

Once installed, the lowest point of the cast aluminum pan will be slightly above the frame rails.

The PML 4L80E pan holds approximately 7.5 quarts of oil compared with 5 quarts for the stock pan.

These instructions are based on the installation of a PML transmission pan on a 1997 TD Hummer. Thanks to customer Ron Goodwin for his feedback.

Hummer Transmission Pan Installed Cast aluminum 4L80E Transmission Pan installed on a 1997 Hummer H1.