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You can search PML's website in three ways: by part number, by vehicle information, or by keywords.

If you do not see what you need, please call or email us (310-671-4345) or email (

Search by PML Part Number

 (enter a PML part number, like 11039 or 7872-8, and press ENTER)

Search by Vehicle Info

This is a prototype search program to match PML transmission pans and differential covers to a vehicle. This is not comprehensive, so if you do not get a match or get a match that does not make sense, contact us! Enter data about the vehicle in the boxes:

Enter Year:     (4 digits, like 1999 or 2010)

Enter Make:   (For example: Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan)

Enter Model:   (For example: Silverado 1500, Durango, 350Z, F250)

Click Submit:   

Vehicle configurations vary so always check your vehicle to verify and check clearance before ordering.

Contact Us: 310-671-4345 or  Questions and feedback welcome.

Search by Keywords or Text

Search by vehicle or keyword using Google. Click on link then type in the box that says Google Custom Search.

Google Search of

After you type your search words in the box that says Google Custom Search then scroll down to the results below the ads to find PML web pages that match. (Do not type in the box that says Search in CSE Home.)