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Ford 10½, 10¼ Sterling, 12 Bolt, Rear Differential Cover, Polished, Special #163

This Ford differential cover is on special because of small porosity over much of the surface. It will fit and function the same as a cover not on special.

It does not have fill or level check holes or a boss that can optionally be machined for a temperature sending unit. This cover was made for vehicles that use the level check and fill on the carrier.

This part is PML P/N 7086. Please see our regular webpage for this part number for information, capacity, pictures and dimensions.

This cover is sold as-is and cannot be returned.

Price: $270.00. Please call to order.

The images below show the porosity (or pitting). It is hard to photograph and to see unless you are holding the part in your hands. The porosity is little pin-pricks and these show up as tiny black dots on the picture. The most visible porosity is holes on the top of the fin on the right and near the drain plug.

This image shows the whole cover. The beige rectangle and colors in the middle are just reflections on the polished surface.
Ford rear end cover, special

This image shows the blemishes near the drain plug. You can also see the small black dots on several areas.
Ford rear end cover, special, blemishes

The image below shows a close up of the right fin.
Ford rear end cover, special, blemishes on fin