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PML Small Block Chevrolet® Valve Covers, Center Bolt
Full Fin, Polished, Special #167

We have one set of these small block Chevy™ valve covers, polish finish, with raised fins on special. These have holes machined for PCV.

These are on special because of discoloration on some of the surfaces. See the images below.

For reference, see our regular full fin center bolt valve covers.

This special fits and functions like a regular set.

These are sold as-is and cannot be returned. Please call to order.

These valve covers have been machined with holes for PCV. There is one hole on each cover, on the intake manifold side. The hole on the driver's side cover is towards the front. The hole on the passenger's side is toward the firewall. These holes are for PCV grommets only so our push-in breathers will not work as is. PML can machined a hole for a push-in breather if needed for $45.00 per hole.

Price: $405.00

PML valve covers, on special, image 1
PML valve covers, on special, image 2
PML valve covers, on special, image 3