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What is the difference between AOD and AODE, 4R70, 4R75 Transmissions?

The transmission pan bolt pattern for the AOD is slightly different than that of the AODE, 4R70, 4R75. It is important that you identify which transmission you have so that the pan you order will have the correct bolt pattern.

The AOD transmission was used in many rear wheel drive Ford vehicles from late 1981 through early 1993. The AODE transmission was produced for model years 1993 and 1994. Production of the 4R70 also began in 1993 and by 1995 it replaced the AODE. The 4R75 designation began in 2003.

AODE, 4R70, and 4R75 transmissions have a large electrical connector on the passenger side of the transmission just above the transmission pan. They also have a neutral safety switch mounted on the selector shaft on the outside of the transmission case on the driver’s side just above the transmission pan.

AOD transmissions have an internal neutral safety switch. A cable connects the throttle body to the transmission to downshift the transmission on full throttle acceleration. The AODE, 4R70, 4R75 do this electronically.

Remember: When you order, you must select AOD or AODE, 4R70, 4R75 in the shopping cart to get the correct bolt pattern on your pan.

Filters for PML AOD, AODE, 4R70, 4R75 Transmission Pans

PML makes deep and low profile transmission pans for Ford AOD, AODE, 4R70, and 4R75 transmissions. You must get the correct filter for the pan you order.

For the low profile pan:

AOD – must use 2WD AOD filter. 4WD filter will not fit.

AODE, 4R70, 4R75 – must use 2WD AODE filter. 4WD AODE and all 4R70 filters will not fit.

For the deep pan:

AOD – 4WD (Deep) AOD filter is recommended.

AODE, 4R70, 4R75 – 4WD (Deep) AODE or 4R70/4R75 filters are recommended.