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PML Deep Transmission Pan For Ford 5R55N, 5R55S, 5R55W

Part Number 11066

PML heavy duty transmission pan for Ford Mustang and Explorer, casting
Click on image to view larger.

PML Ford 5R55N, 5R55S, 5R55W tranny pan, black powder coated
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Volume: 2 to 3 quarts over stock

Dimensions: Pan is about 5.4 inches tall, stock pan is 5 inches. Click here for dimensions.

Number of Bolts: 16

This transmission pan has been discontinued. Information for reference only.

This heavy duty, extra capacity Ford transmission pan fits the 5R55N, 5R55S, and 5R55W transmissions found on Mustangs, Explorers, and similar vehicles. The pan has holes for drain, fill and two level check holes to allow for a variety of applications. Hardware included.

PML Ford tranny pan compared to stock

Picture shows PML pan and a stock pan. The difference in overall height is less than a penny. Click on image to view larger.

This pan features extra capacity, straight fins, drain hole and magnetic plug, and a boss for a temperature sensor.

The Ford 5R55N, 5R55S, and 5R55W transmissions can all use the same transmission pan. This PML pan fits these transmissions. However, a vehicle may or may not have clearance for a larger pan. These vehicles should be able to use this pan:

  • 2005 to 2009 Ford Mustang, V6 4.0L or V8 4.6L, 5 speed, RWD (5R55S), bolt-on installation, may need to use part of stock pan for wiring harness connector, see installations below.
  • 2002 to 2010 Ford Explorer 4.0L or 4.6L, 5 Speed, installation will require dropping exhaust, catalytic converters. Some 2002 to 2005 models do not have enough clearance. See installations below.

Other Ford and Lincoln cars, trucks, and SUVs, possibly Aviator, Thunderbird or Mountaineer may also be able to use this pan. Please contact us if you have one of these vehicles.

Some vehicles with a Ford 5R55N, 5R55S, or 5R55W transmission may have interference in the way of a deeper pan. Interference can be from many things, such as a cross member or the exhaust system.

Always check your vehicle for clearance.

Ford 4R55E, 5R55E, 4R44E, and A4LD transmissions have a different pan, which uses 18 bolts — see PML part number 9614-2.

Fill and Level Check

The stock pan and transmission do not have a dipstick but use a fill tube for filling and level checking. The PML pan has a large oil fill hole above the drain hole and two level check holes. We found that different stock pans have fill tubes with different heights. Stock pans are otherwise the same. PML machines two level check holes to accommodate both heights. This image shows the PML pan and two stock pans. (Click on image for more information.)

PML Ford transmission pan oil fill and level check   Ford Mustang transmission pan, fill and level check holes

9/20/2012 Update: We moved the level check and fill holes to the front of pan to make them easier to access.

We do not provide a dipstick and fill tube. Many folks report that dipstick and fill tube kits do not install well and interfer with other transmission and engine parts. PML designed the level check and fill holes to be practical and straight-foward.

Filter Info

This transmission pan will work with the stock filter. A filter extension is not needed as the oil will be picked up from the same place as with the stock pan. The filter bolts to the valve body.


Our customers have installed this pan on several Mustangs and Explorers. Our thanks for those who provided their comments and pictures.

Note to Mustang owners: your stock pan may hold a wiring harness in place. If so, you will need to remove the part of the stock pan to make a bracket and use that on the PML pan to hold the cabling in place. Several customers have done this and provided information on how they did it. PML is working on a bracket for this.

Note to Explorer owners: the stock pan has slants at front and rear so that the stock pan can be dropped without hitting the frame cross member, exhaust pipes or catalytic converter. The PML pan does not have slants. You will probably need to disconnect the catalytic converter at the header to drop the crossover pipe.

2006 Mustang 4.0L V8 PML Transmission Pan Installation

Ford Mustang transmission pan, step by step installation by a PML customer
Click on image to view larger PDF file.

Steve installed the PML 5R55S pan on his 2006 Mustang 4.0 V6. The larger PML pan fit great without any clearance problems.

He used the bracket from the front of the stock pan to hold the wire harness in place on the PML pan. The bracket on the front of the stock pan holds the electrical connectors for the oxygen sensors. He chose to cut the bracket off the stock pan with a band saw and a bench grinder to fit the bracket to the PML pan. He used the washers you supplied for the front holes as a spacer between the bracket and pan instead of under the bolt heads.

Our thanks to Steve for the pictures and for documenting his installation step-by-step. Click on image at left for a PDF file with more information on this installation.

2010 Ford Explorer 4.0 RWD PML Transmission Pan Installation

Monty installed the PML pan on his Ford Explorer. The pan fit fine and there is about 1 1/2 inches between the exhaust and the PML pan. Installation on the front was perfect. In the rear, the crossover pipe is a little tight for installation. He disconnected the catalytic converter at the header to drop the crossover pipe to get the pan installed. His fill level corresponded to the bottom level check hole.

PML Ford transmission oil pan, Ford Explorer stock pan PML Ford transmission oil pan, Ford Explorer installation Ford Exsplorer with heavy duty PML transmission pan

2005 Ford Mustang GT PML Transmission Pan Installation

Our thanks to Hoyt Automotive for sending us some great pictures of our new pan on their 2005 Ford Mustang GT with a 4.6 motor. This is their shop drag car and it recently ran 11.60 with a 1.52 60ft. The image on the left shows that the larger PML pan does not cause any problems with clearance — you can barely see the fins in the center of the image.

PML Ford transmission oil pan, Mustang installation pix 1 PML Ford transmission oil pan, Mustang installation pix 2 Mustang used for first installation

2005 Ford Explorer 4.6L PML Transmission Pan Installation

Billy installed a PML transmission pan on his 2005 Ford Explorer, 4.6L 4 door 4x4 Eddie Bauer edition, 5RF55S transmission. To install the pan, Billy disconnected the engine pipe from both manifolds and at the rear catalytic converter. He had to use a die grinder to add about 0.050 inch of clearance so the PML pan did not hit the valve body, as shown in the picture on the left. PML pans have thick walls and flanges so this did not compromise the pan at all.

PML Ford transmission oil pan, Mustang installation pix 2 PML Ford transmission oil pan, Mustang installation pix 1 Mustang used for first installation

The images show that there is enough space for the deep PML pan on the Explorer. Billy made filling the pan easier by removing our fill plug and connecting a hose. Our thanks to Billy for his comments and pictures.

2003 Ford Explorer 4.6L V8 4x4

A test installation on a 2003 Explorer 4.6L V8 4x4 with the 5R55W transmission did not have enough clearance for the exhaust crossover pipe and cross member.

2004 Ford Explorer 4.0 V6

Rick tried to install this pan on his 2004 Explorer XLS 4x4 4.0L V6 with 5R55S. His mechanic thought they might have to move the exhaust, which was fine. However, the pan hit in the rear on the cross member. Here are the comments from Rick:

Started by dropping exhaust at manifold and jacking tranny up about an inch on crossmember. The pan would've bolted right on. unfortunately the clearance on the cross pipe is tight. In stock location the pan would've rested right on exhaust. In order for it to fit, the cross pipe would've had to been lowered, leaving it hanging several inches below the cross member. We looked every way we could to rerun exhaust to make it work. A small dovetail on rear of pan instead of being square I believe would've give enough clearance with the stock cross pipe. I seen no other issue with fit of the pan and its a wonderful piece.

2010 Ford Falcon Ute (Australia)

Ian in Australia installed this pan on his 2010 Falcon Ute, Cab Chassis version fitted with aluminium tray and custom tool box and ladder racks. Engine is an Australian built 244 Cubic Inch in-line 6, twin overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder with variable valve timing both cams. With headers, custom exhaust and flash tuning is estimated at 295 HP. A limit slip 3.43 differential and only 3500 lbs make for a reasonably fast ride. Vehicle is plated to carry up to 2600 lbs and to tow 5200. Dynamic stability/traction control and full set of air bags help make it safe.

The pan fit fine but the Ute is low to the ground and Ian decided he did not have enough ground clearance. These images are of the Ute and this pan installed on the Ute:

Falcon Ute     Falcon Ute with PML transmission pan

PML Transmission Pan Features

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to the transmission case
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal
  • Boss cast into pan can be machined for a temperature sensor
  • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug for easier, less messy maintenance

All PML transmission pans ship with new mounting bolts and a magnetic drain plug.

If you would like PML to machine your pan for a temperature sending unit, there is an additional charge of $45 .

Find out why you should buy a PML transmission pan.

Learn more about finishes and construction of PML parts.

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