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Push-In Breather


PML Push-In Breather

This push-in breather works with PML small block valve covers and Cadillac valve covers. It is made of rubber and has a 1 ¼ inch outer diameter.

Note that these PML valve covers do not have holes and would need to be machined for a breather, PCV, or oil fill. PML can machine a hole for $45.00 per hole.

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Note: There is a flat rate USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping choice for small items in the shopping cart of $12.00 for up to 3 push-in breathers.

When the breather is in the valve cover, it is nearly flush with the surface.

See pictures at right of breather installed on a PML small block center bolt valve cover, part number 11040. Click on images to view a larger picture in another window.

PML Push-In Breather PML Push-In Breather