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PML products carry a lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty. Our products have proven to be trouble free since we began making them in 2000. If the pan or cover you receive is determined to have some kind of manufacturing defect (i.e., machining problem, leak due to porosity in pan wall), PML will replace the part.

PML does not cover damages, injury, towing, shipping, rentals, or any other incidentals.

If you sell your vehicle with our part installed, we will honor the warranty with the new owner.

If you run a cover or pan into a boulder and it cracks or is damaged, well, there's nothing PML can help you with there.

Modifying our products voids the warranty.

Our products are designed to fit factory original equipment. However, in some applications, or because of the use of certain factory options and/or after market equipment, there may be clearance or fitment problems between our products and your vehicle components. PML provides dimensions and pictures so you can check your vehicle before ordering.

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and installer to install the part correctly and to ensure that there is no contact between the PML part and other moving or fixed vehicle components.

PML assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for damage or injury to persons or property.