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A340 Deep Transmission Pan For Toyota and Lexus, "No Dipstick" Design

Product In Development, PML Part Number 11175

Status: This pan will be similar to our transmission pan for the AW4. We are looking into a design that will be deeper than our AW4 pan and work with Toyota valve bodies.

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Number of Bolts: 19

A340: We are using "A340" to refer to the A340 class of transmissions: A340E, A340F, A340H), A341E, and A343F

Spare Parts? If you have parts from a Toyota A340 transmission (they do not have to work), please let us know at: 310-671-4345 or


Some models of these vehicles have an A340 transmission:

  • 1992 to 2002 Toyota 4Runner
  • 1992 to 1998 Toyota Supra L6 3.0L without Turbo
  • 1993 to 1998 Toyota Supra L3 3.0L with Turbo
  • 1993 to 1998 Toyota T100
  • 1992 to 2017 Toyota Tacoma
  • 1995 to 2004 Toyota Tundra
  • Some 1990 to 2005 Kia, Lexus, Mitsubishi and Volvo
  • Some international vehicles, such as Soarer

The related AW4 Transmission (see PML Part Number 11076) is found mostly in Jeep vehicles. Some early 4Runners may be able to use the AW4 pan.


A PML A340 pan will have:

  • Fins and extra capacity to keep fluid cooler
  • Drain and magnetic drain plug for easy servicing
  • Heavy duty, quality sand cast aluminum contruction for strength and a leak-free seal
  • Boss for optional temperature sending unit
  • Includes new mounting bolts and magnetic drain plug

Because different models have different the stock pans and dipstick receiver tubes, we have replaced the dipstick and receiver tube with level check/fill holes on the pan.

This means you would no longer use your dipstick. The transmission fluid level would be checked from pan!

PML No Dipstick Design Details

Pumping fluid into PML AW4 transmission pan

How to fill: There is a fill/level check hole on the bottom of the pan. You would need to use a pump and fill the transmission through the bottom of the pan. You would fill until the fluid starts to dribble out then put in the fill hole plug. Image shows an example from the PML AW4 transmission pan.

How to check: To check the fluid, you would remove the plug and see if any fluid dribbles out. If it does, it's full and you're good to go.

Any benefits to the PML no dipstick design? Checking the fluid on the pan is less convinient than using a dipstick but there are a couple small benefits:

  • Current dipstick tube has so many bends that pulling out the dipstick wipes off the fluid so it's hard to get an accurate reading
  • More space available in the engine compartment

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Stock Pan and Transmission

Tacoma stock transmission pan   Toyota or Lexus stock transmission
Click on image to view larger.

Filter and Gasket

PML designed this pan to work with the stock gasket and filter.

The filter bolts on to the valve body. No filter extension is needed. The pick up and fluid level is at the same place with the PML pan as with the stock pan.

Transmission Info

The A340 (A340E, A340F, A340H) and the AW4 are sister transmissions. The AW4 is commonly found in Jeeps, such as 1987-2001 Cherokees. The A340E, A340F, A340H transmission is found in Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs and a few Mitsubishis, Kias, Lexus cars and SUVs, and Volvos.

There are 9 different stock pans. These 9 stock pans have 4 different depths and 7 different dipstick receiver heights and angles. The dipstick receivers complicate the design and manufacturing. There are 13 different filters and 15 different valve bodies in addition to 9 different pans.

This variety of pans, filters, valve bodies and applications complicates the design and testing. Information and pictures on vehicle configurations are much appreciated!