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About PML

What We Do

PML designs and manufactures specialty automotive products using state–of–the–art computer assisted design and manufacturing technology. We do all our design and manufacturing in the US.

How long have we been doing this?

Since 1986. We are proud to say that 2016 marks our 30th year of business.

How did we get started?

PML began as an engineering and inspection company. We were able to offer our clients high quality products through the use of product visualization, along with virtual and rapid prototyping. Our clients included leading industrial, defense, aerospace, and automotive suppliers.

Why automotive?

Truth is, we’re automotive enthusiasts. Our choice to focus on the automotive aftermarket was a conscious decision to do what we love to do. In fact, the first products we manufactured we made for ourselves. From there, we began selling to friends, then friends of friends. In 2000, we opened our webstore, this web site, We have been adding to our product line ever since.

We are members of SEMA (Specialty Market Equipment Association) trade organization and we also participate in many local car shows. we work directly with end users and with automotive businesses of all sizes. For those running an automotive business, we have a dealer program.

What sets PML apart from other manufacturers?

Experience: We apply our engineering knowledge to ensure the highest quality. Then we inspect and test our products to ensure form, fit, and function.

Quality Materials: Our products are manufactured using sand cast aluminum. Aluminum provides strength and excellent heat transfer to keep engines cooler. Sand casting allows us to manufacture parts in one piece and with complex shapes and features.

Reputation: We stand behind what we make.

Thanks for visiting,

David Tolin, President