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Chrome Push-In Breather Cap


PML Push-In Chrome Breather    PML Push-In Chrome Breather
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Dimensions: Tube outside diameter is 1 inch. Overall height is 2.5 inches. Length of tube is 0.75 inches. Overall diameter of cap is 3 inches. All measurements are approximate.

Price: $5.00 (call to order or to add to an order placed on-line)

This breather works with PML small block valve covers, Cadillac valve covers and Buick valve covers. The finish is chrome. A standard breather grommet is needed for installing. The pictures below are an example of a PML valve cover with this breather.

PML Push-In Chrome Breather with grommet    PML Nailhead valve covers machined for PCV valve and breather    PML Push-In Chrome Breather on PML Nailhead valve covers
Click on image to view larger.

  • First Picture: breather with a standard breather grommet
  • Middle Picture: inside of PML Nailhead valve covers machined with PCV and breather holes and PCV valve grommet and breather grommet installed in the holes, cover with breather grommet is at top
  • Last picture (on right): PML Nailhead valve cover, machined, with breather grommet and breather installed

Note that PML valve covers do not have holes and would need to be machined for a breather, PCV, or oil fill. PML can machine a hole for $45.00 per hole. Breather and PCV valve grommets are $5 each.