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Dana 44 High Fill Level
    Dana 44 High Fill Level
    Purchase Dana 44 High Fill Level
    • Dana 44 High Fill Level
      Part Number 6057

    • Cover includes magnetic drain plug and mounting hardware.
      Price varies with finish. SEE PRODUCT INFO.



    Volume: approximately stock capacity to 1/2 quart over stock

    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

    Check size, shape, number of bolts, level check hole distance from differential center line, axle rotation, vent if any, and clearance. See APPLICATIONS section for more information.

    Number of Bolts: 10 bolts

    This Dana 44 differential cover from PML features a traditional straight fin design and is about 5/8 inch deeper than the stock Dana 42960-1 cover.

    • Fins for heat dissipation and a custom look
    • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug
    • Fill/level check hole corresponding to stock cover Dana 42960-1 and similar
    • Sand cast aluminum construction for strength
    • Shape similar to stock cover
    • Thick walls and gasket flanges to provide a uniform clamping force on the gasket surface for a secure seal

    PML has made many different Dana 44 differential covers. This one has been the most popular and the other versions have been discontinued.

    The Dana 44 differential is found on many vehicles beginning in the 1940´s and is still used today. It has many uses and variations. This PML cover for the Dana 44 differential typically corresponds to stock covers on 1941 to 1980 vehicles and GM front differentials from 1964 to 1978. Here are some possibilities:

    • Dodge Ramcharger front, 1972 to 1978
    • Dodge Pick Up front, 1972 to 1978
    • Ford F100 and F150 front, 1971 to 1979
    • Ford F250 front, 1966 to 1979
    • Ford F350 front, 1966 to 1979
    • Ford Bronco front, 1971 to 1979
    • GM Front, 1964 to 1978
    • Jaguar (some rear)
    • Jeep CJ rear, 1941 to 1975
    • Jeep Truck front, 1974 to 1986
    • Jeep Wagoneer front, 1974 to 1986
    • Jeep Cherokee front, 1974 to 1986
    • Jeep rear, 1974 to approximately 2008
    • IH Scout front, 1975 to 1980
    • IH Scout rear, 1967 to 1980

    Other year/make/model vehicles may also be able to use this cover.

    Before ordering, check that:

    • The level check/fill hole distance from the differential center line corresponds with the stock cover
    • For rear axle applications, clearance for a larger cover to, for example, sway bars, pan hard bars, gas tanks, spare tires
    • For front axle applications, look at clearance when the wheels are straight ahead and with the wheels at the left and right stops to make sure this larger cover clears the steerling linkage
    • The stock cover has 10 bolt holes and the bolt hole pattern is the same
    • Shape and size match the stock cover (see the dimensions of this PML cover)
    • The stock cover does NOT have a vent as this PML cover cannot replace a differential cover that is vented
    • Axle is NOT rotated since this cover was designed to replace cover where the flange is perpendicular to the ground
    • Aluminum covers such as this PML cover are acceptable for the purpose of the vehicle since aluminum is good for heat dissipation but is a softer metal and not good for rock crawling or similar

    No pictures of installations available.

    PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock

    This cover, PML part number 6057, compared to stock Dana 44 cover, part number 42960-1:

    PML Dana 44 Differential Cover 6057 depth comparisons   PML Dana 44 Differential Cover 6057 top view compared to stock
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.