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GM 8.875 12 Bolt Car
    GM 8.875 12 Bolt Car
    Purchase GM 8.875 12 Bolt Car
    • GM 8.875 12 Bolt Car
      Part Number 6027

    • Cover includes magnetic drain plug and mounting hardware.
      Price varies with finish. SEE PRODUCT INFO.



    Volume: 1.0 quarts over stock

    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

    Depth inside is 3 ¾ inches

    Number of Bolts: 12 bolts

    This PML cover fits the GM 8.875 inch (8 7/8") ring gear 12 bolt differential for cars.


    • Extra capacity
    • Drain hole and magnetic plug to simplify maintenance
    • Fins for heat dissipation and classic styling
    • Sand cast aluminum construction for thick walls
    • Machined gasket flange for a secure seal
    • Round shape similar to stock cover

    We have one of these on SPECIAL.

    This differential cover fits the rear end on the GM Corporation 8 7/8" (8.875") 12 bolt differentials used on many GM and Chevy cars in the 1960s and 1970s. Some vehicles which may be able to use this cover include:

    • Camaro 1967 to 1972
    • Chevelle 1965 to 1972
    • El Camino 1965 to 1972
    • Monte Carlo 1970 to 1972
    • Nova 1965 to 1967

    Always check to verify differential and clearance for a larger cover. Configurations vary. GM 8.2 inch ring gear 10 bolt differentials were also used on many of these vehicles. This cover is larger than stock so check space available.

    Oldsmobile cars in the 1960s and 1970s may have a similar looking 12 bolt rear differential cover. Oldsmobile offered a similar differential for such vehicles as the 442 and Cutlass. The differential cover for these applications is about 1/4 inch different than this one. PML does not make a cover for these Oldsmobile differentials.

    Cadillac also made their own differentials for some of their cars.

    1955 Chevy Pick Up

    Bill chose this PML differential cover for his GM 8.875 ring gear car–type rear axle and orange powder coat PML small block valve covers for his heavily modified Chevy 350 crate motor.

    This Pickup is a 2018 Hot Rodder Top 100.

    1955 Chevy Pickup 1955 Chevy Pickup   PML differential cover installed on 1955 Chevy Pickup PML differential cover   PML valve covers on 1955 Chevy Pickup 283 engine PML valve covers installed
    Click on image to view larger.


    During servicing, a hole on bottom of PML cover provides quick and easy draining fluid without removing the cover. PML includes a magnetic drain plug with each cover.

    Cover also ships with new mounting bolts.

    PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock

    PML Differential Cover Part Number 6027 compared to stock   PML Differential Cover Part Number 6027, compared to stock, top view
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

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