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Mercedes-Benz 7 Speed 722.9 Deep
    Mercedes-Benz 7 Speed 722.9 Deep
    Purchase Mercedes-Benz 7 Speed 722.9 Deep
    • Mercedes-Benz 7 Speed 722.9 Deep
      Part Number 11159

    • PML Mercedes 722.9 NAG2 7G-Tronic 7 speed Transmission Pan in design.

      This is a future product. Please sign up for our mailing list below so we know you are interested.

    Status on January 18, 2023: A few people have contact us about a 7 speed 722.9 transmission pan. This is a project we will look at in 2024.

    We are not sure if there is enough interested to justify the design and development costs. Please sign up for mailing list below if interested.

    Pictures of the OEM pan on vehicles is very helpful for designing around exhausts, frames, and tubes. Email any pictures, measurements and suggestions to

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    Transmission and OEM Pan

    The 722.9 transmission pan and gasket attached to the transmission with a retaining clip and bolt. The retaining clip system can warp the pan and lead to leaks. The PML pan will have a flat flange mating surface and bolt on without the clips.

    The inside of the pan has a fluid level check tube. This functionality will be duplicated in the PML pan.

    722.9 transmission   722.9 retaining clip and bolt   722.9 filter   722.9 filter
    Picture 1: 722.9 transmission and pan
    Picture 2: retaining clip and bolt
    Picture 3: filter on transmission
    Picture 4: inside of OEM pan
    Click on image to view larger.