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Nissan Jatco 9 Speed JR913E Deep
    Nissan Jatco 9 Speed JR913E Deep
    Purchase Nissan Jatco 9 Speed JR913E Deep
    • Nissan Jatco 9 Speed JR913E Deep
      Part Number 11188

    • PML has looked into designing and manufacturing a Nissan 9 speed aftermarket transmission pan. The filter is integrated into the OEM pan. Until there is separate JR913E filter available, OEM or aftermarket, we cannot make pan.

      We are maintaining a mailing list for folks who would be interested in an aftermarket transmission pan should it be possible in the future. Sign up below if interested.

      If a filter becomes available, please let us know.

    Needed for design and development:

    • Filter, not integrated into the OEM pan, from OEM or aftermarket
    • Used transmission, does not need to work
    • Pictures of the OEM pan on various trucks, SUVs and cars
    • Interest from current and potential customers

    A separate filter is critical. We cannot develop a pan with the filter integrated into the OEM pan.

    We welcome pictures and ideas. Contact us at: 310-671-4345 or [email protected]

    US Frontier trucks probably have the 5 speed transmission until 2019 and then the 9 speed in 2020 and newer models. Titan trucks transitioned to the 9 speed around 2021 or 2022.

    The Jatco 9 speed might also be known as Mercedes Benz 9G-Tronic or W9A 700. There is some debate on this. There is also a 9 speed transmission pan ZF 9HP, which is intended primarily for passenger cars.

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    OEM Transmission Pan and Filter

    The OEM pan and filter assembly is Nissan part number 31391-X280A. One filter comes out. The other filter does not so is part of the pan.

    Nissan OEM 9 speed transmission pan Nissan 9 speed pan   Nissan OEM 9 speed transmission pan inside with filters Inside Nissan 9 speed pan with filters  Click on image to view larger.

    Hypothetical Question: if both filters were removable, would anyone purchase the OEM pan just to pull out the filters and use them in an aftermarket pan?

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