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Toyota Aisin AC60E, AC60F Deep
    Toyota Aisin AC60E, AC60F Deep
    Purchase Toyota Aisin AC60E, AC60F Deep
    • Toyota Aisin AC60E, AC60F Deep
      Part Number 11182

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    Status on May 12, 2022: PML is looking into the design and development of an aftermarket, extra capacity transmission pan for the Toyota Aisin AC60E, AC60F, AWR6B45. We have been looking for a used transmission so we can start our design. If you know of a used AC60 transmission, please contact us. The transmission does not need to work.

    Number of Bolts: 10 bolts. The AB60E/F has 12 bolts and the A750E/F has 20 bolts.

    This transmission was a joint development by Aisin and Toyota.

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    Project Information

    We are not yet making AC60 transmission pan. It something we are looking into.

    Currently, PML is collecting information on the Aisin Toyota AC60 (AC60E, AC60F, AWR6B45) transmission. Several people have contacted us about developing and manufacturing a heavy duty, extra capacity transmission pan for the AC60.

    To determine if we should make an AC60 pan, we need a transmission, we need to know there is enought interest there to justify the cost, is, and we need to learn about vehicle configurations.

    We welcome input from our current and potential customers. Please:

    • Sign up for our Mailing List so we can track the amount of interest
    • Email us pictures and/or measurements of the stock pan and information on what is close to the stock pan (for example, exhaust pipes, frame cross members, drive shaft, skid plates)
    • Call us if you have used/not functional AC60 transmission parts to sell

    PML contact info: 310-671-4345 or

    PML Design Considerations:

    • Drain and magnetic drain plug for easier fluid changes
    • Extra capacity
    • Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction
    • Finned to increase surface area for heat dissipation
    • Thick walls and gasket flange


    • 2016 and newer Tacoma V6 3.5L
    • Tundra?
    • 4Runner?
    • Lexus SUVs?

    Stock Gasket

    Toyota/Aisin AC60E, AC60F stock gasket   Part number for Toyota/Aisin AC60E, AC60F stock gasket
    Click on image to view larger.

    This gasket is Toyota Lexus part number 35168-04010. Gasket was ordered for a 2017 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L.

    Gasket is about 16 x 11 inches.