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AAM 14 Bolt, Rear Differential Cover
2019 and Newer

Project Under Consideration, PML Part Number 11173

PML is looking into an after market cover for the new American Axle Manufacturing (AAM) 14 bolt differential cover with the 12 inch ring gear.

We have seen this new cover on 2019 and newer Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks.

PML makes covers for pre–2019 trucks with the AAM 11.5, 11.8 differential, which looks very similar. See PML Part Numbers 10361 (Ram 3500), 11147 (Ram 2500) or 9511 (GM trucks).

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We welcome information and suggestions are welcome. Email info and pictures of the stock cover to:

Comparing Pre–2019 to New 2019 Cover

This new AAM differential cover closely resembles the existing AAM 11.5, 11.8 cover.

These pictures show a gasket from a pre-2019 AAM 14 bolt cover on a 2019 Ram 2500 truck. The top and bottom bolt holes lined up but none of the other holes.