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PML Differential Cover for GM 7½" and 7 5/8" Ring Gear, 10 Bolt, Pattern Fins

Part Number 9401

PML makes two differential covers for the GM 7½, 7 5/8 inch 10 bolt rear end. See both PML GM 7½" rear differential covers to compare.

PML GM Diff Cover, as-cast PML GM Diff Cover, black powder coat PML GM Diff Cover, polished

As-cast finish

8mm-1.25x21 bolts: Go To Cart

8mm-1.25x16 bolts: Go To Cart

5/16in-18x7/8 bolts: Go To Cart

5/16in-18x5/8 bolts: Go To Cart

Black powder coating

8mm-1.25x21 bolts: Go To Cart

8mm-1.25x16 bolts: Go To Cart

5/16in-18x7/8 bolts: Go To Cart

5/16in-18x5/8 bolts: Go To Cart

Polished finish

8mm-1.25x21 bolts: Go To Cart

8mm-1.25x16 bolts: Go To Cart

5/16in-18x7/8 bolts: Go To Cart

5/16in-18x5/8 bolts: Go To Cart

Volume: 0.5 qt. over stock

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions. A separate window will open with the dimensions.


This diff cover fits the GM with 7 1/2" (7.5") or 7 5/8" (7.625") ring gear 10 bolt differential. Typical applications include the following. Be aware that for each model and year there maybe more than one rear axle possible. See also the PML GM 10 bolt 8½ cover.

  • Chevy S10, 1983 to 2004
  • Chevy S10 Blazer, 1983 to 2004
  • GMC S15, 1983 to 1994
  • GMC Sonoma, 1991 to 2004
  • GMC Jimmy, 1984 to 2004
  • Chevy Astro Van, 1982 to 2005
  • GMC Safari Van, 1982 to 2005
  • Camaro, 1993 to 2002
  • Firebird, 1993 to 2002
  • Some Mazda trucks

Some vehicles have brackets/cables on or near the stock cover. PML does not have any information on modify these to work with our larger cover. Such modifications are the responsiblity of the installation. See our Return Policy.

Configurations vary. Always check your vehicle to verify differential and clearance.

Bolt Information

PML includes mounting bolts with all differential covers. PML provides bolts that are longer than the stock bolts since the flange on PML's cover is much thicker than stock. The bolts with the stock cover will not work.

GM has used four different bolts on these differentials so to complete your order, we need to know which bolts you have. These differentials have used both metric and standard cover bolts. The bolt length has not been consistent either. When ordering one of these covers, you will need to pull one of your stock bolts out (a top bolt is best) and measure the length and determine whether it is metric or standard.

  • Bolt length is measured from the underside of the head (where a washer would sit) to the tip. If the bolts are metric, the length will be 21mm or 16mm. If the bolt is standard, the length will be 5/8 inch or 7/8 inch.
    Standard bolt, 1 inch long    Metric bolt, 30mm long
    These images show how to measure the bolt length. Click on small image to view larger in a new tab or window.
  • A bolt head with lines or letters on it is typically standard. A bolt with numbers such as 5.8, 9.8, 10.9, or 12.9 is likely to be metric.
  • Metric bolts will have 20 threads per inch. Standard ones will have 18 threads per inch. Since the bolts do not have a full inch of threads, try counting the number in a half an inch and multiply by two.

We know this is a hassle, but we do not want to send the wrong bolts or charge everyone a lot of extra money to cover sending all possible bolts with each cover. Watch the video for more informations on checking your bolts.

PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock

PML Differential Cover Part Number 9401 height compared to stock  PML Differential Cover Part Number 9401, compared to stock
Click on image to view larger.

These images show this PML differential cover compared to the stock cover.

This image compares the depth of both PML GM 7 1/2, 7 5/8 inch rear differential covers and the stock cover. Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.
PML GM 7 1/2 Differential Covers depth comparisons


PML diff cover on Camaro

Picture of a Camaro Z28 with this differential cover installed. Note the location of the sway bar to the cover. (Click on image for larger picture.)

Please use the dimensions and check for sway bar clearance before ordering.

Temperature Sensor

This cover can be machined for a temperature sensor. The sensor will be located on the face of the cover and will point toward the rear of the vehicle. Please call to order if you would like a cover with a temperature sensor location.

For a larger picture, please click one of the above images. A separate window will open showing a bigger picture. (The larger pictures take a minute to display.)

PML Differential Cover Features:

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to differential housing
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal using RTV or factory reusable gasket
  • Oil changes without removing the cover
  • All hardware provided, including magnetic drain plug

Learn more about finishes and construction of PML parts.