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Allison Deep
    Allison Deep
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    • Allison Deep
      Part Number 9517

    • This Allison transmission pan includes magnetic drain plug and mounting hardware.
      Price varies with finish. SEE PRODUCT INFO.


    • OPTIONAL - add machining of a 1/8 NPT hole for an aftermarket temperature sending unit:

    Volume: 3.25 qts. over stock

    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

    Number of Bolts: 12

    PML designed this transmission pan for 2001 to 2019 Chevrolet & GMC full size trucks with the Allison 1000 5 & 6 speed automatic transmission.

    We have one of these pans on SPECIAL.

    The Allison 5 and 6 speed transmission is found in the Silverado & Sierra 2500 & 3500 with the Duramax diesel or 8.1 liter gas engine. Typical applications are:

    • 2001 to 2019 Sierra 2500HD, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2001 to 2019 Silverado 2500HD, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2001 to 2019 Sierra 3500 or 3500HD, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2001 to 2019 Silverado 3500 or 3500HD, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2007 Sierra 2500HD Classic, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2007 Silverado 2500HD Classic, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2007 Sierra 3500 Classic, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel
    • 2007 Silverado 3500 Classic, 8.1 V8 or Duramax Diesel

    Please check carefully for fit and interference. Vehicle configurations vary.

    2006 and 2007 H1 Hummer may have an Allison transmission but lack space for a larger transmission pan.

    10 Speed, 2019 and newer: This pan will not fit the 10 speed Allison transmission. Contact us if you have a 10 speed Allison transmission at or 310-671-4345.


    2006 Silverado 2500HD

    The Transmission Guy in Palmer, AK, 907-982-0077, put one of his performance transmissions with a PML pan in this 2006 2500HD Chevy Duramax truck.

    2006 2500HD Duramax new performance Allison transmission with PML pan   Installing transmission with PML pan on 2006 2500HD Duramax   Allison transmission and PML pan installed
    Click on image to view larger.

    2004 Silverado 2500HD

    John Brown installed our Allison transmission pan on his 2004 Chevy Silverado, 2500HD Duramax. He selected the black powder coat finish. Our thanks to John for sending us the images.

    PML transmission pan installed on an Allison transmission.   Silverado 2500HD Duramax with a PML transmission pan installed.
    Click on image to view larger.

    Sun Coast Converters

    PML pan on an Allison transmission

    This image shows the PML transmission pan on a transmission built by Sun Coast Converters. The pan is cut-away so the picture shows the filter supports holding the filter. The filter is the shallow stock filter so the filter supports are at full height.


    The only gasket we know about for the Allison is the reusable gasket. A flexible, thin cork or cork composite gasket works best with PML pans. With the hard reusable gasket, make sure that it is clean and free of nicks or there will be a leak. You may need to file down the gasket bolt holes so the bolts do not bind and the pan seals correctly.

    Some installations have used a very thin bead of silicon (RTV) instead of the gasket.

    Installer must verify transmission, filter, gasket and fitment based on the individual vehicle. This information provided for reference only.

    PML Pan Drain and Optional Temperature Sending Unit Machining

    PML Allison transmission pan, drain

    Click on image to view larger.

    The drain for this pan is on the front side of the pan for easy access. A magnetic drain plug and all mounting bolts are included with the pan.

    The pan has a boss on the inside of the casting that can be machined for a temperature sensor. This is also located on the front edge.

    If you would like PML to drill and tap a boss, the machining charge is per hole.

    The standard size is 1/8 NPT. If another size is needed, please call or email.

    Filters and Filter Supports

    The transmission pan features filter supports that are an integral part of the floor.

    Out of the box the filter supports are set up to work with filter part number 29542833. This filter works with the PML transmission pan on all years of the Allison transmission (2001 to 2015). We have also heard that filter part number 29537965 works best on some years, such as the 2005 Allison transmissions.

    PML pan filter supports    Allison filter    PML Allison tranny pan, on 2005 transmission    PML Allison pan on 2011 transmission
    Click on an image to view larger. The pan has been cut away so you can see the filter supports and filter.
    From left to right:
       Inside of PML pan, showing filter supports
       Filter part number 29542833
       Filter 29542833 with the PML pan on a 2005 Allison transmission
       Filter 29542833 with the PML pan on a 2011 Allison transmission

    Our thanks to Revmax Torque Converters for the pictures and assistance.

    Other filters are available. Make sure the filter sits correctly on the filter supports such that the filter will not fall out of the transmission nor will it get shoved up into valve body causing damage.

    The PML pan is a deep pan but it is NOT designed to work with what is called "the Allison deep filter".

    Information about filters for reference only. Installer should verify transmission, filter, and fitment based on the individual vehicle.

    PML Allison Transmission Pan and Stock Pan Compared

    PML Allison transmission pan companred to stock   PML Transmission Pan Part Number 9517, compared to stock, top view
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.