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GM 6L50 Stock Capacity
    GM 6L50 Stock Capacity
    Purchase GM 6L50 Stock Capacity
    • GM 6L50 Stock Capacity
      Part Number: tp-asm-11149

    • Product under development. Prototype parts scheduled for Summer 2021. Sign up for our mailing list to let us know you are interested.

      The image is computer generated.

    Volume: stock capacity

    Dimensions: Click here for the dimensions, this PML pan will be about 1/2 inch deeper than stock

    Availability and Pricing: Prototype parts scheduled for late Summer or Fall 2021. Pricing to be determined.

    PML is working on a transmission pan for the GM 6L50. It will be stock capacity, finned, and include a drain hole and magnetic drain plug.

    PML designed this pan to be a replacement for this GM stock pan (click on image to view larger):
    GM 6L50 stock transmission pan

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    • Finned to increase surface area for heat dissipation
    • Drain and magnetic drain plug
    • Thick walls and gasket flange
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Only slightly deeper than stock to maintain ground clearance for low profile vehicles such as cars, lowered trucks, and trucks with some skid plates

    PML already makes a deep transmission pan for the 6L50. This pan would be for those vehicles without space for a large pan.

    Two Stock Pans

    PML knows about two pans for the GM 6L50 transmission. The PML pans are based on the pan on the right in this image, the pan that looks used.

    GM 6L50 stock transmission pans and PML deep pan Stock GM 6L50 Transmission Pans, Click To View Larger Image

    The GM 6L50 transmission is found on models of Camaro, Cadillacs, Caprice, and 2015 and newer Canyon and Colorado trucks. A stock capacity pan would be designed for:

    • 2009 to 2015 Camaro 3.6
    • Some Cadillac CTS, SLS, STS
    • Vehicles with the 6L45 transmission (such as Caprice)
    • Trucks and SUVs needing ground clearance

    PML makes a large, deep pan for the 6L50 transmission that is available now.

    Always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearance. Configurations vary.

    We have not yet made these pans so there are not any pictures of installations.

    Fill and Level Check

    On the stock pan, we've heard that the fill is actually a hole in the main casing, on the passenger side, that is plugged with a rubber plug (no dip stick or fill tube).

    We have heard that the level is checked by removing a bolt that looks like a drain at the rear of the pan while the transmission is operating at temperature. If no overflow occurs, the transmission needs fluid. Check your owners manual for the procedure for your vehicle.

    The fluid level would be checked the same way with a PML pan as with the stock pan. A PML pan would have a level check at the same location relative to the transmission as the stock pan.

    Level check on stock GM 6L50 transmission pan Inside of stock GM 6L50 transmission pan, level check hole, click to view larger image

    Stock Pans

    There are two stock pans for the GM 6L50 transmission.

    • One has heights of 3.3 inches at the front of the pan and 2.5 at the rear and the bottom flat part is 10.25 inches.
    • The other pan is 3.1 inches in height and the bottom flat part is about 9 inches and PML 6L50 pans are based on this one.

    PML 6L50 transmission pans are based on the pan on the right in this image. This OEM pan is 3.1 inches deep and found on many Colorado/Canyon trucks and GM/Chevy cars.

    GM 6L50 stock transmission pans Stock GM 6L50 Transmission Pans, PML pan based on pan on right, the dirty one. Click To View Larger Image  Click on image to view larger.