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GM 8L45, 8L90 Deep
    GM 8L45, 8L90 Deep
    Purchase GM 8L45, 8L90 Deep
    • GM 8L45, 8L90 Deep
      Part Number 11140

    • PML makes this 8 speed 8L45, 8L90 transmission pan to work on many GM/Chevy vehicles, including trucks with exhaust cross over pipes, like Canyon, Colorado, Sierra, and Silverado.

      Since there are many different OEM transmission pans for the 8L45, 8L90 with different fluid levels, PML includes a hardware kit with several level checks so the customer can maintain correct transmission fluid levels. See SPECIFICATIONS section below.

      Configurations vary so always check your vehicle for clearance.

      Please scroll down. SEE PRODUCT INFO.


    • OPTIONAL - add machining of a 1/8 NPT hole for an aftermarket temperature sending unit:

    Volume: 3 to 4 quarts over stock (varies depending on stock pan)

    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions. , Max height is 3.9, height at rear is 2.7 inches

    Number of Bolts: 15 bolts (there are 17 holes, 2 holes locate the gasket)

    Pricing: not yet available

    PML Design and Benefits

    PML designed an extra capacity, heavy duty pan for the GM 8L90 transmission. Our design includes these benefits:

    • Extra capacity
    • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug
    • Choice of level check stand off pipe for accurate fluid levels on many applications
    • No aftermarket dipstick needed to reduce cost
    • Works with stock filter and gasket
    • Finned to aid in heat dissipation
    • Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction

    Since there several different stock pans and level check stand off pipe heights, PML includes choices. See SPECIFICATIONS section for more information.

    Video of Installation

    This 2020 Silverado 1500 has aftermarket dual exhausts and a lift kit so this was a complicated installation! In the end, the PML pan fits great and clears exhaust.

    The GM 8L45, 8L90 transmission can be found on many makes and models of 2015 and newer Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC vehicles.

    • 2017 and newer Colorado and Canyon, gas engines

    • 2015 and newer Silverado and Sierra 6.2L

    • 2016 to 2018 Silverado and Sierra 1500 5.3L

    • 2015 and newer Yukon Denali/Denali XL 6.2L

    • 2016 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe 6.2L

    • 2017 to 2018 Express/Savana 2500, 3500 2.8L I4 Turbo Diesel

    • 2018 Express/Savana 2500, 3500 4.3L V6

    • Some 2015 and newer models of Camaro, Corvette, and Cadillac ATS, CTS, CT4, and CT6 (may lack ground clearance for a deeper transmission pan)

    • 2015 and newer Escalade 6.2L

    Always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearance. Configurations vary and other transmissions are possible. Some vehicles have 6 speed transmissions and others have 10 speed transmissions so check carefully.

    If there is not enough ground clearance for this deep pan, email us at: [email protected]

    2021 Canyon

    Tyler email us that the installation of the PML pan on his 2021 GMC Canyon Denali 3.6 4x4 was straight forward. To remove the old pan he unbolted the manifolds, so he needed new manifold to main pipe gaskets To install the PML pan, he also lower the exhaust hanger that mounts near the passenger side of the transmission.

    After that it was just a matter of getting everything bolt into place. His truck needed the tallest of the fill check plug options (Stock Pan GM part number 24274616). The truck when up to temperature took 8 quarts of Mobil One Synthetic LV ATF HP fluid. He also changed the filter and opted to replace the reusable pan gasket (GM part numbers 24295812 and 24260071 respectively).

    Under normal driving conditions the increased fluid capacity and the pan acting as a better heat sink and potentially catching more air flow, Tyler has averaged me 10-15 degrees lower temps, even uphill.

    Tyler found the clearances on the exhaust "PERFECT and have to rate this thing a 10/10". 

    2021 Canyon Denali 3.6 8L45 OEM transmission pan OEM pan on 2021 Canyon Denali 3.6   Canyon exhaust routed close to 8L45 OEM transmission pan draining fluid from OEM pan, exhaust too close to remove OEM pan   2021 Canyon exhaust manifold gaskets gaskets for exhaust manifolds   8L45, 8L90 PML and OEM transmission pans PML pan and OEM pan, level check stand off pipes at same height above flange   PML 8L45, 8L90 pan with OEM gasket gasket on PML transmission pan   2021 Canyon 3.6 with PML pan, exhaust lowered exhaust dropped, PML pan installed   installing PML GM 8L90, 8L45 pan on 2021 Canyon installing PML pan and putting exhaust back together   PML transmission pan installed on 2021 Canyon Denali 3.6 PML pan installed, clears exhaust, fits good
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    2020 Silverado 1500

    Torrance Transmission installed this PML 8L90 pan on Damien's 2020 Silverado 1500 5.3 Z71 4WD truck. Truck has a lift kit, 38 inch tires, aftermarket dual exhaust and a PML GM 9.5 12 bolt rear differential cover.

    This truck had OEM pan part number 24278775 and the fluid check hole was level with the flange. After loosening the aftermarket exhaust pipes and jacking up the transfer case, the OEM pan could finally be removed and the PML pan installed. The fill plug is behind a shield, which made it difficult to access.

    Even with the modifications and aftermarket parts, the PML pan fit great. Video of this installation available on YouTube:

    2020 Silverado 1500, PML differential cover installed 2020 Silverado 1500 with PML rear differential cover   OEM 8L90 pan stock pan   tools tool for accessing bolts behind aftermarket exhaust  

    aftermarket exhaust 2020 Silverado 1500 exhaust   loosening exhaust pipe loosening exhaust pipes to make space   transfer case jacking up transfer case  

    OEM stock pan removal OEM pan dropped and draining   OEM bolts and PML bolts PML provides new, longer mounting bolts   PML 8L90 pan fits and clears exhaust PML 8L90 pan installed

    Fill on passenger side of housing Fluid fill is on passenger side of transmission case   PML 8L90 pan fits, no clearance issues, on 2020 Silverado 1500 PML 8L90 pan fits great, no clearance issues   2020 Silverado ready to go with PML 8L90 pan PML 8L90 pan on 2020 Silverado 1500

    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    2019 Colorado 8L45

    Troy installed this PML transmission pan on his 2019 Colorado 3.6l ZR2 Bison with an 8L45 transmission and AEV boron skid plates.  He needed to switch to AEV Boron Skid Plates PN 58060005AA to gain enough clearance for the larger PML pan.

    Troy liked the thickness of the PML pan and that the machine work is spot on and hardware kit works perfectly.

    2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison 3.6 8L45 2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison   2019 Colorado 8L45 OEM transmission pan part number OEM pan part number   GM 8L45 OEM transmission pan and skid plate GM 8L45 OEM pan and skid   GM 8L45 pan stand off pipe for level check OEM level check stand off pipe   PML 8L45 pan stand off pipe for level check PML level check stand off pipe   PML pan clearns 2019 Colorado 3.6 exhaust PML pan clears exhaust   AEV skid plate with PML 8L45 transmission pan PML pan with new skid plate   PML pan with AEV skid plates for Colorado PML pan fits with new skid plate
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    2017 Canyon 3.6 Gas Engine 8L45

    Bruce installed this PML transmission pan on the 8L45 in his 2017 GMC Canyon Denali 4WD 3.6 gas engine truck. Bruce borrowed a friend's lift to make the installation easier. They needed to loosen the exhaust at the manifold to lower the cross over pipe. Installation was straight forward. He selected the longest PML level check pipe. He added about 4 extra quarts. He used an 8L90 fill tube he got on Summit Racing. The passenger side of the pan has a 1/8 NPT for a future temperture sending unit. He also wrapped his exhaust while the truck was on the lift.

    The truck has a factory skid plate, which is not shown in the pictures. He removed the skid plate to install the PML pan and reinstalled a few days later. Bruce reported that the skid plate fits find with the PML pan.

    2017 Canyon 3.6 2017 Canyon gas engine truck with 8L45 transmission   8L45 OEM transmission pan stock pan on truck   Lowered exhaust for 8L45 transmission pan access lowered exhaust to removed stock pan   part number on 8L45 stock transmission pan GM part number on original transmission pan   8L45 level check pipe level check stand off pipe inside stock pan   PML level check pipe PML pan level check stand off pipe   PML 8L90 transmission pan on a 2017 Canyon 3.6 PML pan installed   2017 Canyon 3.6 gas engine 8L45 Magnetic drain plug on the side of the PML pan
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    Locations of Drain, Level Check, and Optional Temperature Sending Unit Machining

    Drain and level check holes are located on the driver/left side of the PML transmission pan. Plugs are provided. For the drain hole, the plug is magnetic.

    Drain hole location on PML GM 8L90 Transmission Pan Drain hole, level check hole, and optional machining locations   plug for drain and level check installed plugs installed  Click on image to view larger.

    The length of the level check stand off pipe varies with the application. PML supplies these with the pan.

    Optionally, this pan can be drilled and tapped for an aftermarket temperature sending unit. The location is on the passenger side. If you want PML to machine this hole, there is a machining charge and the standard size is for a 1/8 NPT.

    Level Check

    For most 8L45, 8L90 transmissions, the fluid level check is on the transmission pan. PML knows of 6 different OEM pans with various level check stand off pipes in the pan. The height of the pipe above the flange controls the amount of fluid.

    GM 8L45, 8L90 stock pans standoff pipes 8L45, 8L90 trans pans stand off pipes
    Inside of OEM transmission pans. Distance above the flange for these pans: none, 1 inch, 1 inch, and 1/4 inch
    Measurements are approximate. Click on image to view larger.

    When installing this PML pan, use the correct level check stand off pipe if one is needed. On the OEM pan, measure the distance from the flange to the top of the level check stand off pipe. If there's no pipe that goes above the flange, the PML pan is good to go out of the box. PML provides level check stand off pipes with each pan. Here is an example of a PML pan and an OEM pan:
    GM 8L45, 8L90 stock pan and PML pan with standoff pipes GM and PML pan with stand off pipes  Click on image to view larger.

    Maintaining a correct fluid level is important to the operation of the transmission so verify the fluid level check procedure of any aftermarket pan to avoid over or under filling transmission.

    Included with PML 8L90 Pan

    Included with PML 8L90 pan, cast finish Included with PML 8L90 pan, shown in cast   Included with PML 8L90 pan, black powder coat finish Included with PML 8L90 pan, shown in black powder coat  Click on image to view larger.

    PML includes new mounting bolts, magnetic drain plug and washer, new mounting bolts and washers, and level check plug and barbs.

    Inside of PML 8L90 Transmission Pan

    Inside of PML GM 8L90 Transmission Pan Inside of PML 8L90 pan, Click To View Larger Image   Click on image to view larger.

    Gasket and Filter

    This PML transmission pan works with the OEM gasket and filter.

    This is the OEM gasket, GM part number 24260071.
    GM 8L90 gasket GM 8L90 gasket  Click on image to view larger.

    This is the OEM filter, GM part number 24274402.
    GM 8L90 filter, pick up GM 8L90 filter pick up   GM 8L90 filter, spout GM 8L90 filter top GM 8L90 filter, part number GM 8L90 filter box label
    Click on image to view larger.

    Example 8L90 Transmission and OEM Stock Pans

    There are at least 6 different OEM stock transmission pans. The bolt hole pattern is the same for all of them. The shape of the pans vary and the standoff pipes for the level check are different. There are also internal differences with the transmission.

    GM 8L90 Transmission and filter GM 8L45, 8L90 transmission with filter   OEM GM 8L90 transmission pans GM 8L90 Transmission Pans, Click To View Larger Image   2019 Colorado 8L90 Transmission Pan 2019 Colorado 8L90 Transmission Pan, Click To View Larger Image   2020 Silverado 8L90 Transmission Pan 2020 Silverado 8L90 Transmission Pan, Click To View Larger Image
    Pictures of the stock pans are from a 2019 Colorado (GM part number 24274616) and a 2020 Silverado (GM part number 24278875).
    Click on image to view larger images in a new tab or window.

    PML Transmission Pan Compared to Stock

    Always check your vehicle for clearance for a larger transmisssion pan before ordering. If the frame or an exhause pipe run under the stock pan, measure from the transmission housing flange down to see if PML pan will fit.

    This PML pan is deeper than stock pans by about 1.5 inches at the deepest points and at the rear the PML pan is deeper by 3/8 to 1 inch, depending on OEM pan in the vehicle.

    There are many different stock pans. The ones we have seen all have a maximum depth of about 2.4 inches.

    At the rear where the PML pan does not have fins, it is 2.7 inches deep. This allows for clearance for exhaust cross over pipes or the frame which run under the rear of the pan on some vehicles.

    PML 8L90 pan compared to stock  Click on image to view larger.

    Measurements are approximate.

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