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PML valve covers on LS engine

PML Valve Covers

PML valve covers feature strong cast aluminum construction and classic styling. Scripts are GM licensed for an authentic look. We design and manufacture our valve covers in the USA.

Check out our large selection of applications and styles:

PML Valve Covers for Chevrolet® 348, 409 Engines:

Part Number 10651
Part Number 11137

PML Valve Covers for Buick Nailhead V8 Engines:

Part Number 11080-1
Part Number 11080-2

PML Valve Covers for Cadillac® 331, 365, 390 & 429 Engines:

Part Number 11073

PML Valve Covers for Cadillac® 368, 425, 472, & 500 Engines:

Part Number 7872-1
Part Number 7872-2
Part Number 7872-8
Part Number 11163

PML Valve Covers for Chevy™ Big Block Engines:

Part Number 11134
Part Number 9737
Part Number 9739
Part Number 9096
Part Number 11042
Part Number 11106
Part Number 10430
Part Number 11026
Part Number 11107
Part Number 11029
Part Number 11027

PML Valve Covers For Chevy Small Block Engines, Center Bolt Mount:

Part Number 11040
Part Number 11041

PML Valve Covers for Chevy Small Block Engines, LS1 Through LS7:

Part Number 10413

PML Valve Covers for AMC/Jeep 258 Engines

Part Number 8656

Finishes Available for PML Valve Covers

PML valve covers are made using the sand-casting or die-casting process. These processes are the same processes that are used to make intake manifolds, water pumps, and engine blocks. PML's parts are not produced in huge quantities offshore and no two parts are exactly the same. Cast aluminum parts have a rougher surface finish than billet or stamped parts. When cast aluminum parts are polished, it is not uncommon for some porosity (very small holes) to be uncovered. To our customers this is a sign that these parts are unique and produced in small quantities.

If you want a custom color, we recommend you purchase an as-cast part and have it powder-coated locally to match. Give us a call to let us know what you have in mind before you order.


For most PML valve covers, we recommend using stock gaskets available at an auto parts store. We do not sell gaskets or grommets. The exception to this is our LS1/LS6 finned valve covers, part number 10413. For this part, PML supplies a custom gasket of our design.


We have some valve covers on special. Please see our Specials page.

Discontinued Valve Cover Designs

Part Number 11080-3

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