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Chevy™ Small Block, 1959 to 1986, CHEVROLET® Script and Fins
    Chevy™ Small Block, 1959 to 1986, CHEVROLET® Script and Fins
    Purchase Chevy™ Small Block, 1959 to 1986, CHEVROLET® Script and Fins
    • Chevy™ Small Block, 1959 to 1986, CHEVROLET® Script and Fins
      Part Number 10430

    • Before ordering, read the CHECKLIST.

      For gaskets, see Gasket for Chevy Small Block Valve Covers, Perimeter Mount.

      Choice of 4 finishes and price varies with the finish. Price is for set of 2 covers. Includes mounting bolts. SEE PRODUCT INFO.


    • Add PCV and Breather Holes to Valve Covers (see SPECIFICATIONS tab below):
    • You must make a PCV/Breather Holes (click here for more info) choice.

      By clicking ADD TO CART, you confirm that you checked fitment and acknowledge PML valve covers Finish and Construction is different from OEM.


    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

    Number of Bolts: 4 per cover, on the perimeter, straight across

    Finishes: Read about finishes and construction of PML parts.

    PML designed these small block Chevy valve covers with fins and CHEVROLET script for a classic look to dress up the engine compartment.


    • Classic CHEVROLET script and fins
    • GM licensed product
    • Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction
    • Thick flange will not flex when bolts are tightened
    • Mid height design to work with many roller rocker systems
    • Standard perimeter 4 bolt mounting to cylinder head found on 1959 to 1986 Chevy small block engines
    • Mounting bolts provided
    • Made in USA

    The script is cast into the cover and raised. On powder coated parts, the powder coat is shaved off the top of the script. On polished finish parts, the band is not polished to provide contrast to the script.

    Configurations vary! Before ordering go to our CHECKLIST.

    We have two sets of these valve covers on SPECIAL: SPECIAL 426 (as cast finish) and SPECIAL 448 (as cast finish)

    Official GM License Product Logo  Licensed GM product. All related Emblems and vehicle body designs are tradmarks of General Motors LLC, used under license to PML, Inc.

    These PML valve covers are standard flange mount covers for V8 small block Chevy engines (265, 283, 327, 350, 400). The valve covers mount on to the cylinder heads with four bolts on the perimeter, directly across from each other. These valve covers can fit the small block engines originally produced in 1959 to 1986 and many new crate motors.

    We fit each cover on a stock GM cylinder head with stock rocker arms.

    See SPECIFICATIONS for information to determine if these valve covers will for your engine configuration. Always check before ordering as PML has a restocking fee.

    Loaner Program

    We want to make sure you get valve covers that will work on your engine and you love looking at. With that in mind we have a program for borrowing a PML valve cover to test fit on an engine. Learn more about the PML Loaner Program.

    1955 Chevy Bel Air 383 Stroker

    Bob chose the polish finish for his 383 Stroker engine in his 1955 Chevy Bel Air Wagon.

    His pictures are of: Bel Air Wagon, Stock Valve Covers, Bel Air Waiting for the Engine, Engine with PML Valve Covers, Engine Installed, Driver Side View of Engine

    1955 Bel Air Wagon 1955 Bel Air Wagon   Stock 383 valve covers Stock valve covers   Empty engine compartment 1955 Bel Air Empty Engine Compartment
    383 Small Block Chevy Engine with PML valve covers Engine ready to go   383 engine in 1955 Bel Air 383 small block Chevy installed   Driver side of Bel Air 383 engine with PML valve covers 383 Small Block with PML Chevrolet valve covers
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    1955 Chevy Bel Air Tri–Power

    Tri-Power Carburetion, by Larry Fulton at Our thanks to Larry for sending us pictures and for selecting quality PML valve covers for this project. Owner of this beautiful '55 Chevy is Richie Polleri.

    Valve covers were polished and then custom painted.

    Engine of a Bel Air with PML Chevy Valve Covers installed    1955 Bel Air
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    1955 Chevy PIckup

    This Pickup is a 2018 Hot Rodder Top 100.

    Bill chose the orange powder coat PML valve covers for his heavily modified Chevy 350 crate motor and a PML differential cover for the GM 8.875 ring gear car–type rear axle.

    1955 Chevy Pickup 1955 Chevy Pickup   PML differential cover installed on 1955 Chevy Pickup PML differential cover   1955 Chevy Pickup is Hot Rodder Top 100 Hot Rodder Top 100
    PML valve covers on 1955 Chevy Pickup 283 engine PML valve covers installed   PML valve covers on a modified 283 engine PML valve covers, 283 motor
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    1955 Chevy with 1980 Engine

    Ken Bethel is putting this 1980´s engine in his 1955 Chevy:
    PML Chevy Valve Covers on 1980s Chevy engine  Click on image to view larger.

    He said these PML small block Chevy valve covers "are exactly what I had envisioned when I began the search for just the right valve covers for my 55 Chevy project.".

    1932 Ford

    Pat installed a Small Block 350 Crate Motor in his 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe and selected PML valve covers in polish finish to dress up the engine.

    1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe   Chevy 350 in 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe, PML valve covers   Chevy 350 motor with PML valve covers in a 1932 Ford
    Click on image to view larger.

    1931 Ford Model A

    Johnnie installed these PML valve covers on his 1931 Ford Model A Coupe on 32 rails with a Chevy 327 engine. He let us know he "could not be happier with the quality".

    original 327 valve covers on the 1931 Ford Model A original valve covers on 327 engine   PML valve covers on Chevy 327 motor PML valve covers, driver side   PML valve covers on passenger side 327 engine PML valve covers, passenger side
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    Will These Valve Covers Fit On Your Engine?

    Engine configurations vary! Before ordering use our CHECKLIST.

    We have a Loaner Program if you need a cover to test fit.


    Gaskets are not included with these valve covers. PML designed these Chevy Small Block Perimeter Mount Valve Covers to work with cork composite gaskets.

    Optional PCV, Breather, and Oil Fill Holes

    PCV/breather/oil fill holes are optional. PML makes these valve covers without holes and can machine holes when needed for an engine configuration.

    PML Corvette Valve Cover, baffle shown  PML valve covers with optional PCV/breather holes.
    Click on image to view larger.

    Our approach to PCV and breather holes is unique so we made a PDF file with pictures and details: PML Specifications on Oil Fill, Breather and PCV (click to view) (a new window or tab will open with a PDF file).

    If these PML valve covers are ordered with PCV, oil fill and breather holes, PML will machine one hole in each cover on the intake manifold side and include a PCV grommet, a push-in breather, and an oil fill tube.

    Call if your engine configuration requires one hole or to discuss your requirements.

    PML machines the valve covers to order in our shop. We use four or five different tools, shown in picture, on a CNC machine to create neat, leak-free holes. Spot facing provides a smooth sealing surface for grommets.
    PML machining tools

    Videos of PML machining holes: PML machining a PCV hole and PML machining breather hole.

    Compared to Die Casting

    These images show this PML valve cover compared to a typical die casting, GM part 3726086. Many original valve covers were die castings or stamped steel. Both have a smooth surface.

    PML cast finish small block Corvette valve covers compared to die cast part   PML cast finish small block Chevrolet valve covers compared to die cast part, end view
    Click on one of these small images to view larger.

    PML valve covers are sand cast aluminum, so they have thicker walls, are taller, and have a rougher texture. Read more about finishes and construction of PML parts.

    PML Valve Covers Compared to Stock

    PML Valve Cover Part Number 10430 compared to stock   PML Valve Cover Part Number 10430, 
compared to stock, top view
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

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