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Ford 10R80 Stock Capcity
    Ford 10R80 Stock Capcity
    Purchase Ford 10R80 Stock Capcity
    • Ford 10R80 Stock Capcity
      Part Number 11179

    • Prototype parts available now. Contact PML for details. Pan includes a magnetic drain plug.

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    Volume: stock capacity

    Dimensions: PML pan is about 5/8 inch deeper than stock due to thick walls and fins. Click here for dimensions.

    Number of Bolts: 18 bolts hold the pan on the transmission case

    PML designed this a stock capacity transmission pan for Ford 10R80 transmissions to maintain clearance. For example, cars such as Mustang and trucks with skidplates cannot use a deep sump transmission pan.

    Benefits of PML 10R80 stock capacity transmission pan:

    • Drain and magnetic drain plug for easier fluid changes
    • Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction (not plastic)
    • Finned on the whole bottom (no logo) to increase surface area for heat dissipation
    • Thick walls and gasket flange
    • PML pan fits without modification to cooling tubes or exhaust

    Always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearances.

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    This is a list of vehicles that may have a 10R80 transmission and may be able to use this pan:

    • 2020 and newer Bronco
    • 2018 and newer Expedition
    • 2020 and newer Explorer (may have 10R60)
    • 2017 and newer F–150
    • 2018 and newer Mustang
    • 2017 and newer Ranger, 2019 and newer in US
    • 2017 and newer Raptor
    • 2020 and newer Police Interceptors
    • 2020 and newer Transit Vans
    • 2018 and newer Lincoln Navigator
    • 2020 and newer Lincoln Aviator

    Always check your vehicle before ordering. Configurations vary and PML cannot guarantee fitment.

    2022 Mustang

    Dean installed this pan on his 2022 Mustang. For installation, he temporarily moved the bracket mounted to the rear two studs. First he disconnected the driver side oxygen sensor. After removing the two stud nuts, the bracket and other wiring can be swung over to the passenger side out of the way. He needed about 6 quarts of fluid. The PML pan fit with no clearance issues or interference with heat shielding, tubes and bracket.

    2022 Mustang 2022 Mustang   10R80 bracket on OEM Ford pan Bracket on OEM pan   2022 Mustang O2 sensor O2 sensor   Cooling tubes near OEM transmission pan cooling tubes near trans pan   2022 Mustang transmission pan heat shielding heat shielding   2022 Mustang transmission cooling tubes fit with PML 10R80 pan cooling tubes with PML pan installed   heat shield installed on PML 10R80 pan heat shielding reinstalled   PML 10R80 transmission pan installed on 2022 Mustang PML 10R80 transmission pan installed
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

    Installation Notes

    • Access to the stock pan may be difficult. On some vehicles, cooling tubes, exhaust pipes, frame cross members and skid plates must be removed or loosened and lowered. Video of an installation of PML deep pan:
    • Thin, metal heat shielding around the edges of the stock pan may need to be trimmed or removed to fit on the PML pan.
    • Flange does not have holes on the side for blanket that wraps around transmission (blanket may only be on 2017 models).
    • PML pan may not work with factory skid plates without spacers.

    Drain, Optional Temperature Sensor Machining

    PML 10R80 stock capacity transmission PML stock capacity 10R80 pan   drain plug in PML pan drain plug installed  Click on image to view larger.

    PML pan has a drain hole and includes a magnetic drain plug.

    Optionally, this pan can be drilled and tapped for a 1/8 NPT hole on the driver/left. Machining charges apply. Select option in the shopping cart. Other size holes may be possible, contact PML for details.

    Inside of Pan

    Inside of PML 10R80 stock capacity transmission pan drain plug installed  Click on image to view larger.

    Stock Pan, Transmission, Filter and Dipstick

    PML designed our transmission pan to work with the stock transmission, filter, gasket, dipstick and level check/fill procedure. PML allowed for the cooling lines, plates, exhaust and frame near the pan.

    Ford 10R80 transmission, filter on transmission with stock transmission pan and gasket, stock transmission pan, OEM dipstick and fill hole plug:

    10R80 Transmission 10R80 Transmission   10R80 Transmission and Pan and Gasket 10R80 Transmission and Pan and Gasket   10R80 Transmission Pan and Gasket 10R80 Transmission Pan   10R80 dipstick and fill hole plug 10R80 dipstick and plug from the fill/level check hole
    2018 F150 undercarriage plate Undercarriage plate covering stock transmission pan on 2018 F150   Plate covering 10 speed transmission pan Transmission pan is under the insulation. There are also tubes below the stock pan and insulation.   Plate covering 10 speed transmission pan Dropping the undercarriage plate to get access to the stock transmission pan.   Driver side, trans pan, 18 f150 2018 F150, driver side view, stock transmission oil pan
    Click on image to view larger.

    On some vehicles, there is heat shielding insulation around the stock pan and undercarriage protection. There are also cooling tubes and exhaust pipes that must be moved to access the stock pan.

    Ford and GM jointly developed a 10 speed transmission. Both Ford and GM will be using this transmission beginning with 2017 models. Ford calls it a 10R80 and GM calls it a 10L80. The pans are not the same.

    Ford and GM are also planning beefier 10 speed transmissions, the Ford 10R140 and the GM 10L90.