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Ford C4 Deep, Case Fill
    Ford C4 Deep, Case Fill
    Purchase Ford C4 Deep, Case Fill
    • Ford C4 Deep, Case Fill
      Part Number 10453-1

    • Pan includes magnetic drain plug and mounting hardware.
      Price varies with finish. SEE PRODUCT INFO.


    • OPTIONAL - add machining of a 1/8 NPT hole for an aftermarket temperature sending unit:

    Volume: approximately 2 quarts over stock

    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

    Number of Bolts: 11

    This PML heavy dutyt transmission pan fits the Ford C5 SelectShift cruise-o-matic transmission.

    PML makes a case fill model (part number 10453–1) and a pan fill model (part number 10453–2) for the Ford C4 transmission. The PML C4 transmission pans are the same except that the pan fill model includes a brass fitting to allow filling directly into the side of the pan.


    • Extra capacity
    • Fins and aluminum construction to dissipate heat from transmission fluid
    • Drain and magnetic drain plug for easier maintenance
    • Thick walls to add strength to the transmission housing
    • Thick gasket flange, machined flat, for a leak-free seal
    • Baffled on the inside

    The 3 speed SelectShift C4 transmission was used in many Ford vehicles between 1964 and 1986. The C4 case fill transmission is found mostly on 1965-1981 Ford vehicles such as Mustang, Bronco, Falcon, Pinto, and Maverick. Mercury cars like Courgar and Comet and some Lincolns have the C4.

    The pan fill model of the C4 is most often found on Ford trucks and larger cars. See PML part number 10453-2 which includes a fitting that works with the dipstick tube.

    The C4 is a popular performance transmission for racing.

    The Ford C5 transmission may also be able to use this pan. We have heard from customers that the flange shape and number of bolts is the same but we have not had anyone install this pan on a C5 transmission.

    No pictures of installations available.


    A filter extension is not needed since the level of the fluid is in the same location as with the stock pan. The Filter bolts on to the valve body so no filter supports are needed.

    Inside of Pan

    PML Ford C4 tranny pan, heat sink baffles  Click on image to view larger.

    This transmission pan features heat sink baffles on the inside of the pan.

    Picture shows the PML pan before fill hole or temperature sensor hole have been machined.

    Optional Temperature Sending Unit Machining

    Optionally, a temperature sensor hole can be machined below the fill hole on the boss on the inside of the pan.

    If you would like PML to drill and tap hole, the machining charge is per hole. A plug for the hole is included.

    The standard size is 1/8 NPT. Call or email if you need a different size.