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Chevy™ Small Block, GM LT1/LT4, Center Bolt, Finned Valve Covers

Part Number 10534

This part is discontinued. Information for reference only.

PML SBC Center Bolt Finned Valve Covers, cast finish   PML SBC Center Bolt Finned Valve Covers, black powder coat finish   PML SBC Center Bolt Finned Valve Covers, Orange Powder Coat Finish   PML SBC Center Bolt Finned Valve Covers, Orange Powder Coat Finish
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These valve covers were offered in four finishes: as cast, black powder coat, orange powder coat, and polished

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These PML valve covers feature a classic appearance with raised fins and strong cast aluminum construction. PML made these fin-only style valve covers for center bolt small block engines, GM Generation II LT1 and LT4.

Two bolt design: Stock valve covers have four bolts holding the cover on to the engine. PML's two-bolt design removes the two center bolts for an attractive presentation. Because PML valve covers have thick wall sand cast aluminum construction, they are much stiffer than stock and need only two bolts to apply pressure evenly to the gasket. PML valve covers will not tweak, bend, twist or deform. No leaks and a great look to dress up your engine.

Many crate engines, 1987-1998 Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Tahoe, Corvette, Impala SS, Camaro Z28, and mid-90s Pontiac Camaro and Firebird have small block center bolt heads. This fin-only design allows these valve covers to be used in non-GM applications such as Ford hot rods.

These covers are slightly taller than stock to allow roller rockers. Please check for interference from a taller valve cover as some engines have a bracket or other parts that sit close to the stock covers. The bracket would need modification for these valve covers to fit.

Optional PCV, Breather and Oil Fill Holes

PML small block valve covers are made without holes for PCV, oil fill or breather. PML can machine holes to your specifications.

Please read this PDF file on oil fill, breather and PCV set-up.


PML makes cork composite gaskets for these valve covers. We designed them for easy installation and to provide a leak-proof seal.

PML Small Block Valve Covers with Roller Rocker Arms

PML designed small block Chevy valve covers to work with many roller rocker systems.

These valve covers are taller than stock but still may not be tall enough for some systems.

our valve covers are not compatible with shaft mounted rocker arms.

Any rocker system must have space between the rocker arms for the baffle webbing inside the PML valve covers to fit between the arms.


Images below show a 1929 Ford Roadster designed and built by Pacific Coast Customs in Northern California.

PML Center Bolt Valve Covers on a Ford Roadster, top view   PML Center Bolt LT1/LT4 Valve Covers, side view   Ford Roadster with PML small block Gen2 LT1/LT4 Valve Covers
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PML Valve Cover Features

  • Strong sand-cast aluminum construction
  • Thick side walls and gasket flanges that will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Cast-in internal baffles
  • Mounting hardware included

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