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Ford Sterling 10.25, 10.5, Patterned Fins
    Ford Sterling 10.25, 10.5, Patterned Fins
    Purchase Ford Sterling 10.25, 10.5, Patterned Fins
    • Ford Sterling 10.25, 10.5, Patterned Fins
      Part Number 9513

    • Cover includes magnetic drain plug and mounting hardware.
      Price varies with finish. SEE PRODUCT INFO.


    • OPTIONAL - add machining of a 1/8 NPT hole for an aftermarket temperature sending unit:

    Volume: 0.8 quarts over stock, approximately

    Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

    Number of Bolts: 12 bolts

    This PML cover for Super Duty Ford trucks and SUVs with the Sterling 10.25 or 10.5 inch ring gear.


    • Extra capacity
    • 0.5 inches deeper than stock for vehicles with clearance concerns
    • Heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction for thick walls to add strength
    • Machined gasket flange to provide a uniform clamping force for a secure seal
    • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug included
    • Fins for heat dissipation and a custom look

    This PML rear cover fits the Sterling 10.25 or 10.5 inch ring gear differential. It can replace the stock 12 bolt cover. Some possible applications are:

    • Ford F-250, 1989 to 2016, 2017 and newer models with 12 bolt stock cover, for 14 bolt cover, see PML Dana M275,14 Bolt Cover
    • Ford F-350 single rear wheel, 1989 to 2016, some 2017 and newer models (if you have a Dually, see PML Dana 80 differential covers)
    • Ford Excursion, 2000 to 2005

    Always check your vehicle to verify differential and space available for a larger cover. Because configurations vary, PML cannot guarantee fitment.

    2017 and later F250 trucks with 14 Bolt Rear Differential Cover: In 2017 Ford introduced heavy duty option with a Dana M275 rear differential. The stock cover for the Dana M275 has 14 bolts, not 12 like the Ford 10.25/10.5 cover. See PML Dana M275,14 Bolt Cover.

    2017 and F350 later trucks with 14 Bolt Rear Differential Cover: See PML Dana M300,14 Bolt Cover.

    Needing a round shape with straight fins: PML makes a rounder Ford 10.25, 10.5 differential cover for those wanting a classic straight fin design and a shape similar to the stock cover.

    Customers have installed this PML differential cover on hundreds of Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks and Excursion SUVs.

    2017 F-250 Installation

    Five R Trucks installed this cover on their customized 2017 Ford F250. They started with the PML cover in black powder coat and painted the top of the fins red to match.

    2017 Ford F250   Five R 2017 Ford F250, PML rear differential cover   PML rear differential cover customized with red painted fins
    Click on image to view larger.

    2004 F-350 Installation

    PML's differential cover looks great on the back of Kelderman's Screamin' Diesel F-350. The F-350 is a 2004 Harley Davidson Super Duty with Kelderman's custom designed system to lower the bed to the ground. Makes it easy to roll your bike to and from the bed.

    See the write-up in Truck Trend On-Line.

    Kelderman Custom 2004 F-350, PML rear differential cover   Kelderman Custom 2004 F-350, Harley Davidson   Kelderman Custom 2004 F-350, bed lowering to ground
    Click on image to view larger.

    Front Cover for 4WD Vehicles

    PML makes front end covers for these trucks. The corresponding front differential is a Dana 50, 60 and the stock cover has 10 bolts.

    PML makes a cover for pre 1999 trucks with the larger ring gear and one for the 1999 and later trucks with steering linkage close to the stock cover.

    Drain and Optional Machining for Temperature Sending Unit

    Drain is on the bottom and a magnetic drain plug is included. The level check is on the differential housing.

    Drain on PML patterned fin Ford 10.5 differential cover  Click on image to view larger.

    This cover can be machined for a temperature sending unit. The boss on the right side can be drilled and tapped. This is an option and there is a machining charge. The standard size is 1/8 NPT.

    PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock

    PML Differential Cover Part Number 9513 compared to stock   PML Differential Cover Part Number 9513, compared to stock, top view
    Click on image to view larger in a new tab or window.

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