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Dana 80, 10 Bolt, Straight Fins, Differential Cover

Part Number 6065

PML Dana 80 Differential Cover, as-cast PML Dana 80 Diff Cover, black powder coat
As-cast finish
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Black powder coating
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Volume: approximately 0.75 qt. over stock

Dimensions: Click here for dimensions.

This differential cover fits Dana 80 differential found on the rear of heavy duty Dodge, Ford and GM trucks. Some popular rear end applications for the Dana 80 differential are:

  • 1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500 with manual transmission (trucks with the automatic transmission have a Dana 60/70)
  • 1994 to 2002 Dodge Ram 3500
  • 1989 to 1997 Ford F350 Dually
  • 1999 and newer Ford F350 Dually (Ford did not make an F350 in 1998)
  • 1988 to 2004 F450
  • 2011 to 2013 F450
  • 1991 to 2002 GM C3500HD

Always check your truck to verify and look for clearance as there are many configurations.

Why Does PML Make Two Covers For the Dana 80?

PML offers two covers for the Dana 80 differential so that folks can select the cover that works best for a particular vehicle. Generally speaking, the straight fins cover was designed with 1999 and older trucks in mind and the patterned fins cover with new trucks.

Here are the differences between the two covers:

  1. Design — straight fins or patterned fins
  2. Clearance — the straight fins cover (part number 6065) is about 5 inches deep and the patterned fins cover (part number 9520) is about 3.8 inches deep so check for sway bars, spare tires, and such close to the stock cover
  3. Fill Hole — the straight fins cover has one hole for fill and level check and the patterned fins cover has separate level check and fill holes
  4. Matching Front Cover — both Dana 80 covers have matching front covers. On 1999 and newer vehicles the patterned front cover will clear the steering linkage. On older trucks, the straight fins cover will clear the ring gear. Configurations vary and lifted trucks might have different clearance.

Both covers hold about the same amount of fluid over stock. The straight fins cover is deeper than the patterned fins cover, but it has a round pumpkin shape so it only holds a few ounces more than the patterned fin cover.

For the matching front covers: See part number 11169 (has steering linkage clearance fpr 1999 and newer) or part number 6063 for pre 1999 model years and lifted trucks.

PML Differential Cover Compared to Stock

PML Dana 80 Differential Covers heights compared to stock  PML Dana 80 Differential Covers, stock covers
Click on image to view larger.

These images show this PML differential cover compared to the stock cover.

For a larger picture, please click one of the above images. A separate window will open showing a bigger picture. (The larger pictures take a minute to display.)

PML Differential Cover Features:

  • Increased oil capacity for cooler temperatures
  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to differential housing
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal using RTV or factory reusable gasket
  • Oil changes without removing the cover
  • All hardware provided, including magnetic drain plug

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