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PML Stock Capacity Transmission Pan For Dodge RFE

Part Number 11078

PML Dodge transmission pan for Ram Hemi, Dakota, as-cast
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PML Dodge transmission pan for Ram Hemi, Dakota, powder coated
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As-cast finish
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Black powder coating
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Volume: Stock

Dimensions: are in this file.

Number of Bolts: 15

Description and Applications

This PML heavy duty transmission oil pan fits the Dodge 68RFE, 66RFE, 65RFE, 545RFE, and 45RFE transmissions. It is designed specifically for trucks and SUVs with exhaust or cross member interference. This transmission pan clears the damper on 2012 Ram 2500 with the 66RFE (see installation below).

This transmission pan features:

  • Fins and aluminum construction to dissipate heat from transmission fluid
  • Drain plug for easier maintenance
  • Thick walls to add strength to the transmission housing
  • Thick gasket flange, machined flat, for a leak-free seal
  • Clearance for cross members and exhausts
  • Compatible with most vehicles as the transmission pan follows the shape of the stock pan with a step and a relief, not just a step

PML designed this pan for vehicles with one of the Dodge RFE transmissions and the exhaust or cross frame members close to the stock pan. Configurations vary so always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearance. Here are some examples of vehicles that have installed this pan:

  • Dodge Trucks and SUVs:
  • Dakota with 4.7 V8, 4WD, 2000 – 2004
  • Dakota with 3.7 V6, 2004
  • Dakota with 4.7 V8, 2005 – 2010
  • Durango with 4.7 V8, 4WD, 2000 – 2003
  • Durango with 5.7 V8, 2004 – 2009
  • Ram 1500 with Hemi, 2006 to 2016, 4, 5 or 6 speed transmission
  • Ram 2500 with Hemi, 2003 to 2016, 4, 5 or 6 speed transmission
  • Ram 3500 with Hemi, 2003 to 2016, 4, 5 or 6 speed transmission

Trucks and SUVs have a variety of configurations. Look at yours before you order to verify your transmission and clearance.

2014 and newer diesel engine trucks: Ram routes cooler lines under the stock pan on these trucks. See PML part number 10304.

Jeep owners: Check carefully. These Jeep vehicles most likely have this transmission do not have enough clearance for a larger transmission pan:

  • On most 2005 to 2010 4.7 or 5.7 Grand Cherokee WK and Commander XK, the exhaust is too close on the passenger side, front corner. The exhaust is difficult to re-route. A 2005 4.7 Grand Cherokee 4x4 and a 2007 Commander 4.7 4x4 could not install this pan. See the picture of an attempted installation at the bottom of this web page.
  • On most 2011 to 2013 Grand Cherokee WK2 5.7, the front frame cross member and skid plate are close to the stock transmission pan and there is no extra space for a larger aftermarket pan.
  • On a 2002 Liberty 3.7 V6, the exhaust is probably too close on the passenger side, front corner.

Dakota Owners and those with front routed exhaust: Other aftermarket pans have the step but not the curved relief for vehicles with the exhaust routed along the front of the pan. This pan has both. For a picture, see the installation on a Dakota below.

If you have skid plates, check how much space you have as this pan is taller than stock.

Comparison of PML RFE Transmission Oil Pans

PML makes four pans for the 68RFE, 45RFE, 5-45RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE, 68RFE transmissions. All fit the transmission and the different designs suit a variety of vehicles and applications.

Left (driver) side of pan and drain hole. 11039, 11079 and 11078 parallel to ground when installed.
PML transmission pans for Dodge rfe transmissions

Rear of pans. 11078 and 11079 step down to clear the Hemi engine exhaust routing.
PML transmission pans for Dodge rfe transmissions, view from rear

Filter Information

There are two different stock pans and two different filters for this Chrysler/Dodge transmission.

Dodge RFE transmission valve body and filter   Dodge RFE stock pan, 2WD
These are sometimes called the "4WD" filter and pan although they are used on 2WD and 4WD vehicles. The filter has a long pick up long tube in the middle.

Dodge RFE transmission valve body and filter   Dodge RFE transmission valve body and filter
These are sometimes called the "2WD" filter and pan. Seen more commonly on 2006 and older trucks. The pick up tube is short and located close to the end of the filter.

For PML part numbers 10304 and 11039, you can use either filter. For PML part numbers 11078 and 11079, you must use the "4WD" filter.

PML does not include a filter with the pan. Thanks to Eric who provided part numbers for filters that will work with all PML Dodge RFE pans:

  • OEM: 5013470AB
  • Fleetguard: TF15072
  • FRAM: FT1223
  • WIX: 58843 (kit)

The filter bolts on to the valve body. No filter support or extension is needed. The fluid will be at the same level with a stock pan as with the PML pan. The filter will pick up from the same place. PML designs pans and covers to work with stock parts without the need for additional modifications or complications.

It is the responsiblility of the installer to verify filter and fitment.

Gasket Information

For a gasket, PML recommends an inexpensive cork or cork composite type gasket or the silicon gasket maker. Some Dodge vehicles use the Mopar silicon gasket maker, which comes in a tube, with the stock pan. This works fine with a PML pan.

An example of a cork gasket is Transmaxx 72300, shown below.

Cork gasket for Dodge RFE transmission oil pan   Packaged cork gasket for Dodge RFE transmission oil pan   Cork gasket on a PML transmission pan for Dodge RFE
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Information is for reference only. Installer is responsible for installation, function and fitment.

PML Dodge transmission pan, low profile, heavy duty, inside

Inside of Pan

Image shows the inside of the pan. The bosses on the inside are for the drain hole and an optional temperature sensor hole.

This is a stock capacity pan so the inside follows the shape of a stock pan.

Optional Machining for Temperature Sending Unit

This pan has a location on the driver's side that can be machined for use with aftermarket sensors and gages. The location is a circular boss and can accommodate between 1/8 NPT and 1/2 NPT. PML can drill and tap the hole to order for a $45 machining charge.

PML Transmission Pan Compared to Stock

PML Transmission Pan Part Number 11078 height compared to stock  PML Transmission Pan Part Numbers 11078, compared to stock
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These images show this PML transmission pan compared to the stock pan.


2006 Dodge Dakota

These pictures are from Paul who installed this PML Dodge transmission pan on his 2006 Dakota, 4x4, 4.7L. The installation went well and he's gone on a 400 mile trip. Thanks to Paul for sending us pictures of his Dakota with a PML Dodge differential cover, with the stock transmission pan, and with the new PML transmission pan installed.
Dodge Dakota 4x4 with a PML differential cover and transmission pan    Dodge Dakota stock transmission pan    Dodge Dakota 4x4 with PML transmission pan
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2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with 65RFE Transmission

Keith at Forest City Diesel in Missouri installed this transmission pan on a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab. He used a a TRANSTAR fiber gasket P/N 72300F. He report that the install was quick and simple. He torqued the pan bolts to 85 inch pounds and the drain to 20 foot pounds. He re-torqued the pan bolts after the trans went through a heat cycle, but they were fine. Keith summarized his installation with the comment concluded his comments with "Great pan!"
Dodge 1500 Sport Crew Cab, 2012, 65rfe transmission, new after PML oil pan installation    Dodge 1500 65rfe stock transmission oil pan    Dodge 1500 65rfe transmission with PML oil pan
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2012 Ram 2500 with 66RFE Transmission

Dodge Ram 2500 66rfe transmission with PML oil pan

Larry installed this PML transmission pan on his 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 66RFE transmissions. His dealer told him the cylinder on the crossover pipe is a vibration damper to reduce noise. Larry opted to leave the damper in place since this low profile pan provided clearance.

PML Transmission Pan Features:

  • Sand-cast aluminum with raised fins
  • 3/16-inch thick wall construction to add strength to the transmission case
  • 3/8-inch thick gasket flange will not bend when bolts are tightened
  • Machined gasket surface for a secure seal
  • Boss cast into pan can be machined for a temperature sensor
  • Drain hole and magnetic drain plug for easier, less messy maintenance

All PML transmission pans ship with new mounting bolts and a magnetic drain plug.

If you would like PML to machine your pan for a temperature sending unit, there is an additional charge of $45 .

Find out why you should buy a PML transmission pan.

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