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PML Products In Development

Contact us about any of our projects at or 310-671-4345.

PML designs, develops, manufactures and sells aftermarket automotive parts. We have worked closely with many customers to produce covers or pans for new applications. We are grateful for their help and welcome suggestions and ideas.

We are currently working on these projects:

Projects we are considering for late 2017/2018:

Other projects we are considering for future development:

  • GM 6L90 Transmission Pan, Stock Capacity, Part Number 11088
  • GM 8L90 (8 speed) deep transmission pan, 14 Bolts, 19 inches long, 2014 and newer, Part Number 11140
  • Dodge 845RE, ZF 8HP (8 speed) deep transmission pan, 2012 and newer, Part Number 11144
  • 722.9 Deep Transmission Pan, Part Number 11159
  • GM Front Differential Cover for Duramax Diesels, Part Number 11120
  • Dana 44/213 Differential Cover
  • Big Block Chevy Engine Oil Pan
  • 348, 409 Engine Oil Pan
  • Small Block Chevy valve covers with OLDSMOBILE® and PONTIAC® script

Have a suggestion for a product? Let us know:

Future Product Details

Ford Super Duty Rear Differential Cover, 14 Bolt, 2015 and Newer

New Ford Super Duty trucks can feature a large 14 bolt rear differential. This may be a version of a Dana differential.

Not all new Ford trucks have this rear differential. It maybe specific to certain configurations or duallies.

GM 6L90 Stock Capacity Transmission Pan

We already manufacture and sell a deep pan for the GM 6L90 transmission. Cars, such as the Cadillac CTS-V and some models of Camaro, also use the 6L90 transmission but do not have the ground clearance for our deep pan. Chevy Express vans might be be more interested in a pan with a lower profile pan than our deep pan and also trucks with skid plates.

Although the pan would be stock capacity, it would still be larger than the stock pan because of the thick walls and cooling fins on the bottom.

At this time, we are collecting information from CTS-V, Camaro, Express Van and Truck owners who are interested in a heavy duty, stock capacity pan for the 6L90.

We still are not sure if there is a market for this pan.

Let us know if you are interested and what vehicle you have. Any pictures or measurements would be welcome. Contact us at 310-671-4345 or

Dana 44/213 Rear Differential Cover, 12 Bolt, PML Project Number 11063

This Dana differential is found on some Grand Cherokees and Commanders. The C213R and C213RE differential covers either do not have a drain hole or do have a one but with a rubber drain plug. A few Jeep owners have contacted us about an aftermarket cover. The C200FE is the front differential on some models. Clearance maybe an issue.

7/22/13 Status: This project is on-hold pending increased demand.

General Motors Trademarks are used under license to PML, Inc.