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Products In Development

Products In Development

PML designs, develops, manufactures and sells aftermarket automotive parts. We have worked closely with many customers to produce covers or pans for new applications. We are grateful for their help.

Our priorities and projects come from our customers. We welcome ideas. Contact us at or 310-671-4345.

We are currently working on these projects:

Products Under Consideration for Development in 2021/2022:

Other Possible Future Products:

  • Allison 10 Speed Transmission Pan

  • Sprinter Rear Differential Cover(s), Part Number 11148
    Some Sprinters have anti-sway bars but there seems to still be clearance for a larger.
    T1N Sprinters, 2002 to 2006, single or dual rear wheel: stock cover is 8-sided and has 10 bolts.
    NCV3 Sprinters, 2007 to 2013: two different differentials used.

  • Dodge 845RE, ZF 8HP70 (8 speed) deep transmission pan, 2012 and newer, Part Numbers 11116 and 11144

  • Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon rear differential cover, Dana M220

  • 722.9 Deep Transmission Pan, Part Number 11159

  • GM Front Differential Cover for Duramax Diesels, Part Number 11120

  • Subaru 4EAT Deep Transmission Pan, Part Number 11166

  • Small Block Chevy valve covers with OLDSMOBILE® and PONTIAC® script

  • Oldsmobile and Pontiac Engine Valve Covers

Products We Are Not Going To Make:

  • Dana 44/213 (C213R and C213RE) differential covers
    We have received requests from many Jeep owners but there is not any space for a larger cover.

  • GM 6L90 Transmission Pan Less Deep Than The Stock Pan
    Any pan we make will be larger than stock. A pan less deep than the stock pan would have less fluid capacity. Running the transmission with less fluid than designed is not recommended.

General Motors Trademarks are used under license to PML, Inc.